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Paradoxical Leadership: Mastering Balanced Versatility for Improved Relationships & Performance!

Paradoxical Leadership is a concept that is well-documented in organizational literature, designed to support leaders facing competing priorities, diverse perspectives, and constrained resources. Many paradoxes are driven by leaders’ behavioral choices. The challenge is to consider both paradoxical perspectives rather than using an either/or solution; for example, Frankness and Diplomacy. This article explores several common cases of both individual leader and team situations in which Paradoxical imbalances result in dysfunction and hindered performance, engagement, and desired business results.

Accelerate Your Talent Future with Predictive Assessment!

Integrated Talent Management Requires Decision Analytics

Are you overwhelmed by the proliferation of HR-related technologies and analytics capabilities, as are many HR professionals? Like any disruptive technology, it takes time and commitment to sort through the possibilities, their benefits to the organization, appropriate talent strategies and effective implementation. Behavioral assessments are adapting to the new technologies but many assessment tools are simply that—resources to be utilized for narrow applications and specific needs. Change and innovation in the field are happening so fast that at times we need to just stop, evaluate processes/methodologies, and consider the ROI for adopting the new technologies and analytics.

Navigate Life’s Rapids with Balance: Whole Life Profile Achieves Lasting Change

Have you ever felt like you were hanging on for dear life in an out-of-control raft on an unnavigable river? You are not alone! Jessica is a mother with young children and a working husband who is also a Reservist. She is degreed and having worked earlier in their marriage is now exploring how and when she can return to work while maintaining continuity in the home. Since her husband is super task-oriented, after many years it has been challenging to deepen their marriage relationship and engage him more directly with the children. Not unlike many couples, they are opposites in their approaches, so navigating the emotional and spiritual aspects of their relationship has been somewhat like a rafting adventure!

The Whole Life Profile (WLP) assessment and workshop are a powerful combination to enable anyone to take control of their challenging situations across the five dimensions or spheres of life–physical, financial/work, psychological, relational, and integral or spiritual. Regardless of age, stage in life/career, challenge or transition, experiencing the WLP brings clarity to your strengths, areas of imbalance, and motivations to support your change process to achieve greater success, happiness, and improved relationships.

Sheryl Dawson, Facilitator

Julie Pastrick, Flagstaff Chamber CEO Interviews Sheryl Dawson on the Whole Life Profile

Sheryl Dawson, FacilitatorJulie Pastrick, CEO of Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO of Dawson Consulting Group, on Chamber Business Insights to discuss the Whole Life Profile assessment and workshop for individuals and couples.  Listen in to learn how you can bring balance to all aspects of your life and work for increased happiness and success.  Sheryl shares her personal story of how the Whole Life Profile has facilitated her wellness journey, business transition, and relocation to Flagstaff.  Julie asks Sheryl how listeners can overcome their challenges, navigate transitions and achieve their own goals for improved relationships and career success.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into your unique “whole life profile” which reveals behavioral strengths, blind spots, and motivators so that you can achieve your physical, financial, psychological/emotional, relational, and spiritual goals for a more fulfilling life! Additional information and registration:

Julie Pastrick, Flagstaff Chamber CEO Interviews Sheryl Dawson on the Whole Life Profile
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