The competitive advantage of the 21st century is increasingly derived from hard-to-copy intangible assets such as company culture and leadership effectiveness.”

Scott Keller & Colin Price
Beyond Performance, 2011
Based on McKinsey Research

Guiding Organizations into the Future

Organization Alignment & Change

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Over 75% of mergers & acquisitions fail due to a variety of critical issues that are not addressed in the integration phase. Dawson Consulting Group, through affiliations with some of the most respected authorities and organizations serving this industry, has designed a series of exceptional programs and services specifically tailored to help ensure success in these critical areas. After a needs assessment and review of the extent and quality of data and information currently available, a proposal is generated to address integration of people, systems and functions.


Organizations must address their diversity issues not only from the perspective of discrimination, employee inclusiveness and quotas, but from the strategic perspective. Integrating diversity policies with organizational strategies for growth and development requires a comprehensive analysis of employees and customers with a look towards the future. Dawson Consulting Group provides the expertise to facilitate the review, development and implementation of diversity plans.

Change Management

Through a series of facilitated events and a change management process, participants are introduced to critical elements of change as it relates to team, organization, individuals and markets. Included in this service offering is measuring resistance, creating an integrated change process, identifying and preparing local change leaders, and implementing change initiatives. This highly consultative service is delivered quickly to support short-term business need and long-term strategic shifts. Integral to the strategic change process are facilitated sessions that clarify, create, reshape, and reinforce, an organization’s vision, values, mission and path forward. Through involvement of all key decision makers, the future is considered from a variety of perspectives. Teams then work to outline primary and alternate paths identifying milestones and organizational requirements for the journey.

Culture Survey/Analysis

To accelerate successful achievement of organizational goals, decision makers must carefully and objectively assess their culture and identify the culture they desire. Dawson Consulting Group facilitates this analysis through culture surveys and recommends appropriate interventions to gain management and employee commitment and engagement in all aspects of required change. The result is a more effective implementation of change leading to stronger organizational performance. Both culture surveys and employee attitude surveys may be used to achieve any major change initiative including merger and acquisition integration.

  • Culture Survey/Analysis
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning

Leadership & Talent Development

Quality Tubing – NOV is better prepared for its projected growth as a result of the valuable assessment, coaching, team facilitation and leadership training provided by Dawson Consulting Group. The depth of capabilities Dawson Consulting Group offers is coupled with sensitivity to the needs and expectations of the client. The results were excellent. Managers gained insight into their performance development as well as techniques to improve their supervisory teams. Both seasoned and new leaders gained leadership competencies.

~ NOV – Quality Tubing

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Leading For Results Seminars

Employees, customers and stockholders look to an organization’s leaders to get results. Stockholders want profits, customers want quality at the lowest price, and employees want direction, opportunity for growth, and a sense that they are a valued part of an organization whose product or service is important in the marketplace.

More than ever meeting those demands requires leaders who have their act together! Leading for Results™ is a training and development program that accelerates the growth of supervisors and managers and prepares them to get results through improved performance and by learning to adapt in a dynamic work environment. Leadership competencies are presented in a practical, hands-on learning environment that engages and challenges participants.

Synergistic Executive Coaching

While executive coaching may mean many things, at Dawson Consulting Group it is working with individual managers on performance-related issues to achieve maximum personal effectiveness. Personal effectiveness as a manager leads to effective organizations, so for Dawson Consulting Group, coaching is performance driven. In addition to traditional applications of executive coaching, the organization takes advantage of the Dawson Consulting Group Synergistic Coaching Model, and employs the talents of multiple coaches who, as a coaching team, work to address the needs of both individual executives and the organization.

See the article, “Top Gun Retention: Practices for Protecting Your Most Precious Investment”.

Performance Feedback

Performance management is essential to successful long-term leadership and talent development. Both consulting services and training modules are provided for the development of a performance management system and its integration with other HR systems such as succession planning, career development, compensation and rewards. Coaching skills development enables management to facilitate individual and team skill development and performance improvement. This critical skill has a significant impact on retention.

Management & Employee Training

Over 50 training modules and seminars are offered to fill skill gaps in individual performers, supervisors, managers, executives and teams. Each model or seminar is customized for the organization to ensure maximum impact on performance and retention. For a Seminar Series on Retention & Performance issues see our Retention & Performance Seminars page.

New Executive / Manager: Accelerating the Transition

This facilitated session provides a solid foundation for incoming managers to accelerate personal and team performance as the new manager assumes responsibility. The “New Manager Transition Process” ensures that organizational commitments are met during a time of change, and all individuals are aligned with the new manager.

  • Synergistic Executive Coaching
  • Performance Feedback
  • Management & Employee Training & Coaching
  • New Executive / Manager: Accelerating the Transition
  • E-Learning

Human Resources Strategy & Practices

Through a variety of consulting interventions, human resource and operations leaders receive guidance and development supporting changes to human resource systems, practices and policies. Support includes comprehensive audits of HR policies and practices revealing compliance gaps, possible solutions for enhancing organizational readiness in regard to critical business initiatives, development of policies and handbooks ensuring regulatory compliance and reinforcement of desired organizational values. Additionally, clients can develop a road map for providing a fair and consistent benefits program and compensation system based on best practices, and introduce and institutionalize positive diversity, inclusion, and sexual harassment education efforts.


Dawson Consulting Group provides a host of HR “total solution” support in the areas of training and development, organizational development, change and transition management, assessment and coaching, benefits, HRIS and compensation.

Policy & Procedures

Support is available for clients requiring development of employee handbooks, human resource manuals, and policies promoting regulatory compliance, as well as, procedures & practices guidance in newly developed or evolving areas. Additionally, Dawson Consulting Group provides professional HR support during merger & acquisition efforts including soft-side or human capital due diligence with the target company.

Compensation — Strategy/Development

In today’s highly competitive business climate, compensation is much more than a pay program and is essential to maximizing the return on your human capital investment. A truly dynamic Total Compensation System not only expands the definition of pay to include all forms of rewards and recognition, but also links the performance and contribution of both individuals and teams to the overall success and goals of the business. Dawson Consulting Group offers a full range of experience and knowledge to help you review your existing strategies and processes and identify opportunities for program and process innovations.

  • HR Practices
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Compensation – Strategy / Development
  • Assessment for Selection & Retention