Leadership Coaching For Results

Dawson Consulting Group’s Leadership Coaching for Results services enhance executive and organizational performance. We custom design each coaching engagement to meet your business needs and the coachee’s objectives. Business performance is optimized by developing leadership skills that are matched to the changing needs of the organization, situation and roles. Through times of change, transition, business difficulty or crisis, leaders must deliver business results in ways that are consistent with corporate values. At the same time, leaders must assess and respond to organizational disruption and fallout that may ensue.

The initial assessment process of the coaching assignment ensures that leaders are properly matched with the organization’s current situation and future challenges, as well as to determine the performance and skill gaps to be addressed during the coaching initiative. Based on the assessment, specific change and performance goals are established and agreed upon by leadership and coachee.

Dawson Consulting Group’s leadership coaching for results services are designed to assist your organization, leaders and teams in defining leadership success competencies, diagnosing the strengths and developmental opportunities of individual leaders, and providing the development and coaching support necessary for success.

Coaching Applications

Coaching helps leaders understand their strengths, recognize development opportunities and enhance leadership effectiveness. Dawson Consulting Group facilitates real business results measured in terms of increased productivity, profitability, market position, and employee engagement and retention. Typical coaching applications follow.

High-Potential Coaching

Created to further enhance the leadership skills and successes of your most promising upcoming leaders, this service focuses on the specific development needs of each individual. The tailored program identifies key areas for personal leadership improvement by using background interviews of those working closest to him or her. This is not a graduate course on leadership theory; but rather a practical, how-to approach designed to be put immediately into practice. The follow-up aspect of this program allows for on-going private coaching and fine-tuning of skills and competencies.

Targeted Performance Coaching

Targeted Performance Coaching focuses on improving an executive’s or leader’s performance by teaching new behavioral, leadership or managerial skills to modify specific behaviors that may be impeding his or her greater success within an organization. Executives are selected to engage in this program because they play key roles and bring crucial knowledge or skills to their organization. Senior management or a Board believes a coach could assist the executive to more quickly reach their full potential.

In a direct, yet supportive manner, the coach assists the executive to reflect upon actual on-the-job performance challenges. The coach helps build personal strategies that better meet those challenges by facilitating specific behavioral changes and improved communication methods.

New Leader Coaching

In our high stakes business world, Boards of Directors and senior management demand immediate and effective results from newly appointed CEOs and other key executives. Leaders who are either new to an organization or who take on new responsibilities know their mandate requires making all the right moves, quickly and definitively.

Dawson Consulting Group’s New Leader Coaching provides a seasoned coach to help highly visible new leaders clearly define their mission, gain buy-in, then implement action plans. Time is spent on real-life, immediately applicable game plans. New Leaders enjoy the ability to speak openly and frankly with their confidential coach and to gain the unbiased perspective of another senior leader as they chart their course of action during their crucial first weeks or months.

Leadership Team Coaching

A group of individuals does not function as a team without significant effort and management. When people are told they are a team, but are treated as a group of individual performers, mixed signals are sent, confusion is created and in the long run, an effective “team” never evolves.

Dawson Consulting Group is able to assist your organization in improving the functioning of leadership teams at any level. Whether focusing on enhancing relations among existing team members or helping a newly formed team define its “mission,” it is critical that all members of the team are able to articulate an understanding of why the team exists and what is expected of its members individually and collectively. Dawson Consulting Group can partner with your organization and leadership to develop a highly customized approach for enhancing the effectiveness of your teams and improve their capabilities to accomplish the work and achieve the goals of your enterprise.

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