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Accurately Measures
Job-Specific Eligibility & Suitability Factors…
PREDICTS Job, Culture, & Boss Fit

Harrison Assessments award-winning recruitment technology pre-screens and assesses all applicants’ customized job criteria to predict job fit mutually beneficial to both employee and employer. Harrison Assessments’ AI Recruiting Solution talent recruitment process pre-screens all applicants, streamlines applicant tracking by continuously ranking all applicants on how well they meet your ideal requirements for both eligibility and suitability. Also available is the ability to measure aptitude for leadership and technical roles using the efficient Harrison’s Quantitative Critical Thinking assessment.

  • Unlimited 24/7 applicant screening at a low monthly fixed cost – Cancel Anytime!
  • Predict job success with 6500 validated & customizable Job Success Analyses
  • SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 suitability/behavioral factors
  • Every applicant receives a company-branded Your Greatest Strengths report
  • Behavioral Interview Guide is specific to the role and candidate
  • Engagement & Retention Analysis identi es candidate expectations & motivational gaps
  • How to Attract Candidate report facilitates offer acceptance & successful hire

Read “Lift the Cloud Over Recruiters & Leaders – Use Artificial Intelligence With Feeling!”

Humanize Recruitment & Succession Planning Analytics with…

Job Specific Metrics to:

Predict Success

Candidate & Brand Focus to:

Build Relationship Increase Engagement & Retention

SAVES up to 70%

on time & reduces time-to-hire for high volume recruitment & validation of 9-box selection of high potentials

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