The Diversity & Inclusion Solution that
Optimizes Workforce Planning

Break Out of the Diversity-for-Compliance Box…

To compete in a global marketplace during tough economic times, optimizing human capital and talent management processes is essential. A comprehensive diversity strategy is no longer optional. CEOs, business and government leaders have conveyed for years that people are their greatest assets. The Federal Government has created workforce inclusion practices through legislation and targeted programs. Despite these good intentions, the effectiveness of “diversity management” has been limited — why? Inclusive workforce plans that improve bottom-line results require more than just compliance and talking the talk!


The Diversity & Inclusion Solution
Workforce Inclusion Strategic Plan & Diversity Analytics

Dawson Consulting Group provides the solution that enables organizations to walk the talk, achieve a competitive advantage and improve bottom line results. Diversity & Inclusion is an integrated workforce planning and business solution that enables organizations to transform their diversity agenda from compliance to inclusion with measurable results.

Diversity & Inclusion aligns human resources and business objectives. Using an innovative analytics tool it identifies:

  • Areas of risk throughout the organization;
  • Gaps in the talent and diversity pipeline;
  • Individual performance (including turnover risks);
  • Disparities in compensation;
  • And more!

Diversity & Inclusion provides a Workforce Inclusion Strategic Plan encompassing diversity analytics, best practices, action plans for implementation, reporting, and human capital analytics linked to the bottom line.

Can You Afford to Delay?

Partner with Dawson Consulting Group to obtain and analyze the data you need Now to create a best-in-class workforce strategic plan aligned with your business strategy. It’s the right thing to do! Inquire about participation in the limited Diversity & Inclusion pilot to get an initial snapshot of your diversity and talent risks. It’s the smart thing to do!

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