Organizational Change Management for Results

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Change is inevitable in today’s dynamic workplace and global market. Dawson Consulting Group provides professional consulting services to assist organizations in dramatically affecting organizational and leadership readiness for a variety of changes including technology implementation, acquisitions and mergers, work force reorganization and realignment, and process renewal. Whether confronted with organizational changes affecting performance or developing strategies to improve specific competitive goals, this custom program helps executives and team leaders responsible for change initiatives to:

  • Anticipate challenges linked to change initiatives and respond with precision to ensure business results are favorable and sustainable.
  • Management and individual contributors, customer satisfaction teams and other support teams …
  • Manage implementation approaches required for organization change and ensure individuals are capable of reinforcing change initiatives.

Benefits of Change Management for Results

Effective change management produces greater clarity of strategic imperatives including organizational readiness; strong organizational alignment; targeted leadership development designed to support evolving roles and responsibilities; improvement across several performance metrics with substantial increases in employee engagement, representing a key indicator of success. Provide your transition and change teams the tools and confidence they need to achieve accelerated readiness resulting in greater value creation for all stakeholders. Change will happen faster while vulnerabilities will be more effectively managed. Change oriented and agile organizations:

  • Improve bottom line results by reducing risks linked to change.
  • Identify “performance/readiness gaps” with targeted training responses.
  • Clarify readiness to move forward on critical business initiatives and leverage strong alignment.
  • Develop a “road map” for company-wide leadership development, including core leadership team interventions.
  • Improve understanding of organizational, process and technology change and potential resistance.
  • Prevent “non-performance is rewarding” situations, and create a culture of model change interactions and total experience.
  • Better align vision, goals and supporting business practices.
  • Establish “best practices” for critical core processes supporting change.

Change management for results provides organizational support which enable operations, process and technology teams to achieve effective change implementation. Support steps are tailored based on the type and size of the company, industry and target group / division within the organization. The initial assessment minimizes surprises and ensures targeted outcomes are achieved. A fully implemented alignment/change effort typically achieves results including accelerated financial and individual leader and employee performance.