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Sheryl Dawson

Interview on Paradoxical Leadership

Andy Scantland with ICF Colorado interviews Sheryl on the Practical Application of Harrison Assessments’ Paradoxical Leadership

Paradoxical Leadership Webinar
Paradoxical Leadership Custom Team Program

The American Productivity & Quality Center interviewed talent assessment expert Sheryl Dawson, to learn how talent assessments have evolved, the ways employers are using them today, and largely untapped opportunities for employers to reap more benefits from these ever-evolving tools.

Talent Assessment: The Future Is Now! (Registration Required)

Julie Pastrick, CEO of Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO of Dawson Consulting Group, on Chamber Business Insights to discuss the Whole Life Profile assessment and workshop for individuals and couples. Listen in to learn how you can bring balance to all aspects of your life and work for increased happiness and success. Sheryl shares her personal story of how the Whole Life Profile has facilitated her wellness journey, business transition, and relocation to Flagstaff.

Sheryl Dawson with William Edmundson, CEO on The Price of Business: Engagement Intelligence – Keep Your Keepers!
The cost of disengagement for US organizations is in the billions. Talent consultant, Sheryl Dawson, shares her views on “Engagement Intelligence” addressing ways in which organizations can increase engagement to improve performance, safety, quality, retention and other bottom-line metrics. Learn to “keep your keepers” by listening to the discussion with William Edmundson on the Price of Business radio.

Harrison measures preferences for enjoyment & wellbeing

Chris Harry
Chief Learning Officer (1:26 minutes)

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Remote Working - A conversation with Dan Harrison (video)

Remote Workforce Analytics (video)

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What Clients Say …

“In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

Veronica Delgado Sr. VP, Global Human Resources & Workforce Development Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

The Coach’s Coach
“Thank you for your wonderful classroom instruction, facilitation and coaching these past 12 months which aided my successful completion of the International Coaching Federation Coach Knowledge Assessment for Coach Certification. You helped me gain understanding of many assessment resources beneficial for my coaching practice. Our work on competencies of the ICF model made a difference in my success on the exam. I was fortunate to work with two great master coaches and you are one of them!”

Bonita Lockings, ICF Certified Coach & CHRO