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“Harrison Assessments is integral to our strategic TM, succession planning and leadership development processes. In addition, Harrison’s cost-effective benchmarking capability has proven a valuable resource for predictive selection in a key position. In a prior organization, I led implementation of career development for employees and leadership using Harrison’s flexible and informative reports. In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

~ Veronica Delgado
Sr. VP, Global Human Resources
& Workforce Development
Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

“…Harrison Assessments across the talent cycle is remarkable.”

The capacity of Harrison Assessments across the talent cycle is remarkable. Having a system that is robust and provides reports appropriate for the full range of talent management ensures consistency, effectiveness and efficiency… Starting at the top of the organization with behavioral assessment was the strategic thing to do. Using Harrison Assessments in combination with 360 provided us with a foundation not only to develop our top team but to set the stage for organizational change to ensure RigNet’s continued success. Thank you for your team’s outstanding professionalism, expertise and commitment to achievement of these vital organizational goals.


“In our operations team development program, Harrison Assessments comprehensively identified strengths and areas of improvement in a way that opened the eyes of even the most skeptical managers! Amazingly, everyone confirmed the accuracy and usefulness of the reports. NOV/Quality Tubing continues to rely on Harrison Assessments for leadership succession and development; in one application, it provided exceptional predictability and decision analytics to identify internal candidates for promotion to supervisory roles. Given the competitive marketplace for supervisory talent, this approach enabled us to promote, develop, and retain talent more effectively.”

~ President, NOV/Quality Tubing

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“The tool needed to be something that was globally relevant…. we also needed a tool that was going to be personally relevant to the participants.”

Harrison Assessment… was one of, like three that we looked at, and when we did the assessment and had debriefs done, we went “Whoa, that’s it,” because of the depth and sophistication, the richness and quality, and all the data that it could provide.”

“… the company has a fantastic way of looking at their talent readiness within their entire company.”

“Builds Trust”

“I am a better person through applying Harrison

Harrison data facilitates improved decisions

Chris Harry
Chief Learning Officer (1:32 minutes)

Harrison selects the right talent for the right roles

Chris Harry Chief Learning Officer (1:26 minutes)