Whitepapers and Surveys

2019 HR.com Survey on The State of Employee Engagement

This survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2019 of 532 participants most of whom were HR professionals in the US; 40% of respondents represent organizations with 500 or more employees.

Employee engagement continues to be a primary organizational and HR concern. As a result, many employers are collecting, analyzing and acting on engagement data. To give HR professionals a point of reference HR.com conducted this second annual study on the state of employee engagement. Read more…

The Leadership Bermuda Triangle

Effective leaders drive organizational performance. Factors that interfere with high levels of performance need to be identified and dealt with early and often. The key factors that threaten high performance cultures are managerial permissiveness, lack of clarity, and poor communication skills. Weak management threatens a high performance culture and can kill good work. This white paper explores the factors that can lead to the perfect storm, or Bermuda Triangle, so that you can take action to mitigate this risk in your own organization. Read more…

Engagement Is a Shared Responsibility!
How Engagement Analytics Help Create a Culture of Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic—and for good reason. Research studies from Gallup®, BlessingWhite®, and many more continue to demonstrate that engagement highly impacts key organizational metrics including talent retention, mission achievement, growth and profitability. Read more…

The Critical Factors for Choosing Predictive Assessments — A Practical Checklist

The investment spent on recruiting, developing and retaining employees represents a significant portion of an organization’s budget. The landscape is cluttered with tools and technology to address this strategic business need; often applied with the best intentions, but with dismal results.  Read more …

Best Practices in Talent Assessment

Assessing people for jobs is the most important task of any organization. The quality of assessment ultimately determines the performance of new hires as well as the ability of the organization to effectively develop employees. It affects every important aspect of the organization’s success including management effectiveness, sales volume, customer retention and productivity. Read more…

Best Practices in Recruitment Assessment

Assessment is the essential foundation for organizational success because high quality assessment used at the point of hire enables you to have the greatest impact on performance, productivity and retention. Read more …

4 Pillars of Effective Succession Planning

Finding skilled workers to fill open positions is among the top challenges in virtually every organization. Workplace and generational changes, strategic uncertainty, the impact of social media and data overload, and the increasing velocity of business, indicate mounting people challenges ahead for businesses large and small. Read more …

Remote Working - A conversation with Dan Harrison (video)

Remote Workforce Analytics (video)

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