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The Challenges of Assessment & the Ultimate Solution:
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Recruitment and Job Success Formulas

Using assessments in a serial manner rather than an integrated approach is a frequent mistake that is made in talent assessment. For example, many organizations first eliminate the candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements and then assess the remaining or final candidates for job behavior. Then they select the candidates with the best work attitudes and relevant job behavioral. However, this is not the most effective approach because it does not help to see the overall picture relating the person’s combined levels of eligibility and suitability. By scoring eligibility with the Harrison Assessments talent system, you can combine the eligibility and behavioral suitability scores. Harrison Assessments provides a facility for weighting each of the assessment types. These weightings are then used to calculate an overall score for the candidate.

Effectively assessing both job behavior or suitability and job eligibility is the essential foundation necessary to hire, retain and develop top talent. Assessment needs to quantify levels of eligibility as well as job success behaviors. To do so requires a job success formula. Interviewing alone does not effectively assess job behavior; using an accurate job behavior assessment facilitates the interview process significantly.

Effective job behavior assessment requires the ability to measure more than 100 traits, a questionnaire that is work-focused, the ability to detect false answers and/or self-deception, a specific job success formula derived from performance research and clear reports that do not require interpretation.

Harrison Assessments Talent System meets all of the standards mentioned above providing a powerful tool for assessment. It enables you to build a strong foundation for your talent selection, retention and development. Harrison Assessments is the only assessment method that:

  • Uses a full spectrum of behavioral traits and factors, including personality, interests, work environment preferences and task preferences.
  • Uses a high-tech questionnaire that provides the equivalent of a full day of testing in only 30 minutes.
  • Uses a technological consistency detector that provides an extremely reliable validation of the authenticity of the answers.
  • Can be effectively applied without professional interpretation.
  • Uses the power of paradox to decipher subtleties and complexities of personality related to job performance.
  • Offers complete customization to specific job requirements.
  • Offers a complete research database of success traits for different position types.
  • Delivers cost-effective high correlation with actual job performance.

How It Gets Results

This well researched, proven resource defines SUCCESS PROFILES for all positions and levels by identifying up to 175 behavioral traits which predict SUITABILITY to perform the profiled job and overall PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS based on integration of the suitability scores with eligibility, competency and interview evaluation scores. Dawson Consulting Group facilitates effective utilization of the Assessments by helping you to:


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