Leadership for Results

Paradoxical Leadership

Accelerating leadership development is a priority in nearly every organization globally. Dawson Consulting Group provides custom professional services and programs to facilitate executive, high potential, distributed team, project team, front line supervisor, and targeted growth leadership development. Enhance professional skills and performance in the shortest amount of time through focused development experiences and high-impact coaching. Assess and improve team performance and bottom line results.


Leadership for Results impacts individuals directly involved in the process and their managers, work groups and the organization as a whole. Benefits range from individual and team performance improvement, improved retention and morale, and ultimately improved bottom line results. Following are additional features and benefits of a structured process for leadership development which is integrated with the organization’s assessment, performance management, succession planning and career development processes.

  • Creates a leadership assessment profile that can be used as the basis for high potential development, succession planning, performance management and compensation decisions.
  • Provides high potential employees with a clear understanding of a career path.
  • Promotes a common language and an environment in which employees know what to expect from their managers and are open to career transition possibilities.
  • Facilitates recruitment of top candidates who seek career growth and development.
  • Enables and encourages top management to “walk the talk” in driving competency-based initiatives and increasing credibility throughout the organization.
  • Reinforces the company’s commitment to investing in people, communicating and reinforcing what is expected and providing a means to achieve expectations.
  • Promotes internal development, which over the long-run is cost-effective and enhances employee engagement and retention.

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