“Off the Ropes”

A Unique Experiential Team Development Program

Dawson Consulting Group offers a custom designed experiential program to get your team “off the ropes” and into gear as a high performance team. Utilizing an outdoors ropes course, certified instructors and skilled facilitators will lead your team to higher awareness of themselves and their capabilities as a team.

Work groups will be led through a series of experiences that encourage them to address the issues that often impair teams from achieving peak performance. Following are some of the issues often discussed by teams going through the ropes course experience:

  • Communications
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Styles
  • Leadership
  • Personal Support
  • Managing Change
  • Risk-taking
  • Resolving Conflict

In an environment of “challenge-by-choice,” participants will be encouraged to work as a team and make decisions about how they can work together most effectively.

Benefits of Getting Teams “Off the Ropes” 

Our ropes program is custom-designed by Dawson Consulting Group to meet the team development needs of our students. Collaborating with our administration and teachers, Dawson ensures that each participant is comfortable with the activities and actively engaged in this unique learning experience. Excellent instructors who connect well with the students enable us to build team, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills through the power of experiential learning.”

~Awty International School

Typical outcomes and realizations experienced by many work groups when they complete the “Off The Ropes” course are:

  • A greater appreciation of the skills, abilities, and unique qualities of each individual on the team
  • The importance of mutual support to team accomplishment
  • A real bonding among team members and commitment to one another’s success and the success of the team
  • Recognition of the importance of leadership within the team and each member’s role in leading the team
  • A commitment to higher quality communications and clarity among team members
  • The development of high levels of trust among team members

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“Thank you for your wonderful classroom instruction, facilitation and coaching these past 12 months which aided my successful completion of the International Coaching Federation Coach Knowledge Assessment for Coach Certification. You helped me gain understanding of many assessment resources beneficial for my coaching practice. Our work on competencies of the ICF model made a difference in my success on the exam. I was fortunate to work with two great master coaches and you are one of them!” —Bonita Lockings, ICF Certified Coach & CHRO