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Inter-cultural Competency Development for the Multi-cultural Workplace

Cultural clash can translate into a business loss and a considerable drop in the efficiency of the expatriate employee an average of 50% in the first few months. – Paris-based Inter-Cultural Management Associates

Cultural diversity in today’s workforce creates many challenges for leadership and employees that directly impact performance and results. Inter-cultural competencies are essential to effectively:

  • Integrate international workforce into the workplace;
  • Develop cross-cultural teams;
  • Communicate and deal with interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution among employees with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities;
  • Serve customer needs globally; and
  • Develop operational and human resource leaders.

Custom Assessment, Training and Coaching Programs


  • International mobile employees
  • Expat Families

Provide sound hands-on knowledge on the culture of countries where you are building business presence or expanding operations to:

  • Accelerate the adaptation process
  • Minimize the efficiency-loss inherent to transition.


  • Professionals pursuing international careers
  • Domestic and international multicultural teams
  • HR personnel who support expats

Educate employees in intercultural communication to:

  • Build shared meaning
  • Minimize conflict and misunderstanding
  • Optimize the advantages of cultural diversity


  • Nomad families
  • Members of multi-cultural teams
  • Professionals providing support to international assignees

Give employees road-maps to:

  • Individually address the development of intercultural competencies
  • Leverage their performance in the workplace and in daily living


  • Emotional Intelligence Competencies and
  • Cultural Intelligence skills

Ensure individuals integrate as seamlessly as possible into the multi-cultural workplace to:

  • Complete international assignments
  • Reduce acculturative-stress-related attrition
  • Achieve desired business results

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