Rather than opposing paths,
the true path to success is…
mastering the Paradox!


Rather than opposing paths,
the true path to success is…
mastering the Paradox!


Embrace paradoxical thinking for leadership success

In the new digital era of VUCA (“Velocity”, “Uncertainty”, “Complexity” and “Ambiguity”), leaders need to adopt new lenses and learn a new way of leading paradoxically with strategic agility. Today’s leaders need to display an ease and comfort when dealing with tensions (paradoxes) and to face head- on their anxiety and defensiveness that result from tension in order to achieve success and sustainability. Managing paradoxes creates innovation, new insights and creative opportunities for businesses in the realities of a global landscape.

Harrison data facilitates improved decisions

Chris Harry Chief Learning Officer (1:26 minutes)

When a team embraces Harrison Assessments’ Paradoxical Leadership process from the top down, the results are exceptionally rewarding and contribute to a high performing team.

Mark Montgomery

Paradox Imbalances

We generally recognize the benefits of our strong characteristics but we often fail to notice the unintended consequences that can occur when their Paradoxical traits are weak.
Paradox imbalances hinder:

  • decisions
  • teamwork
  • collaboration
  • innovation and
  • communication

Improve performance and relationships with balanced versatility!

Target Participants

Senior Leaders & Managers, Team Leaders, High Potentials

Duration of Custom Session

Half to Full Day

Workshop Objectives

  • Explore VUCA leadership and how it applies to the business environment
  • Understand and adopt Paradoxical thinking
  • Learn to address tensions as paradoxes rather than trade-offs or compromise
  • Gain 5 Paradoxical Leadership success practices
  • Explore Your Harrison Assessments Leadership Paradoxes and identify areas of development

Each Participant Receives a Paradox Summary +
12 Detailed Reports

Opportunity Management
Coaching Mindset
Collaborative Accountability
Vigilant Resilience
Intuitive Logic
Sustained Result
Focused Innovation
Adaptive Efficiency
Insightful Curiosity
Self Actualization
Respectful Candor
Equity Mindset

Workshop Agenda

  • Leading in a VUCA Environment
  • Creating Strategic Vision and Mindful Agility
  • What is Paradoxical Thinking?
  • 5 Paradoxical Leadership Success Practices
  • Approaches to Strategic Tensions
  • Harrison Assessments Paradoxical Leadership Competencies