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The Harrison Career Navigation System…Not the Typical Career Assessment!

The Harrison Career Assessment is based on 25 years of experience in career testing technology and job success research. A self-navigated and personalized interactive online technology provides predictive insight into career enjoyment and career success for more than 650 careers.

The online questionnaire is available in 26 languages and is used world-wide by career seekers, universities, schools, and corporations. The 25-minute work preference and career questionnaire measures 175 characteristics including interests, task preferences, motivations, work values, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you enter the Career Navigation portal to:

You can run reports related to:

Harrison’s unique Career Navigation System provides clear direction toward career success and fulfillment. Find your best career fit today and land your dream job with the Harrison Career Assessment.

Dawson Consulting Group is a Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner for Texas and Arizona.

Order Your Career Report with Debrief Today!

…To my surprise, the Career Assessment went far deeper exposing areas in which I naturally excelled, as well as ones I would have to develop for the career I desired. Beyond the report itself, the debrief with Sheryl Dawson revealed not only my expectations but also how to achieve them! The Career Options Report listed many options across the complex medical field giving me new insight into possible targets at various educational levels; the detailed Career Enjoyment Reports provided specific behavioral profiles for each career option with my overall matching scores. These comprehensive insights are like having a behavioral x-ray and have inspired me to consider my short and long term goals in a more strategic way…
-–Sedona Stewart

Utilizing the systematic approach to job hunting prescribed in Job Search: The Total System, I gained a marketplace advantage by understanding my strengths identified in the Harrison Assessments career reports, developing an outstanding resume, and mastering networking and interviewing tactics. I now work with a great corporation and have a promising position with fair pay and outstanding potential for the future. Job Search: The Total System and Harrison Career Assessment worked for me. Job Search: The Total System can help anyone achieve their career aspirations!”

Joshua Schrom
New Graduate & Management Trainee

The Harrison Assessments Career Navigation System truly is a great tool to identify the best career fit and determine the direction you should go to succeed. I highly recommend it as a personal growth tool and to determine the best educational concentration or degree program based on career fit.”

Sinai Tirado
New Graduate

“I heartily recommend Harrison Assessments Career Navigation System for all levels of educational institutions. The earlier students understand their best career fit, the sooner they can embark on an educational journey that will engage their minds and hearts for a successful academic and career future.”

Patricia Parish
Careers Education Consultant
Western Sydney University


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“In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

Veronica Delgado Sr. VP, Global Human Resources & Workforce Development Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.