Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

Harrison Assessments was awarded the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards honor for their Remote Work Behavioral Competencies, which reveal key behaviors needed for remote workers and leaders who manage remote workers to be successful. This advanced functionality provides real-time data that enables targeted development on both a group and individual level for a personalized approach to development. In addition, Harrison’s Organizational Analytics solution includes Remote Work competencies to identify at risk employees and leaders for any size organization.

Previously Harrison Assessments was awarded two prestigious Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in the categories of Candidate Assessment Technology and Succession Planning. With more than 10,000 clients globally and 20 years of delivering world class research and advisory services, Brandon Hall Group is the most well-known and established research organization in the performance improvement industry. Their awards program attracts entrants from around the world - including solution providers with innovative, cutting-edge technologies. The awards recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed HCM systems and tools with measurable results.


  • Aids Management in determining the job eligibility and behavioral suitability of employees/candidates for positions
  • Enables Management to better select new hires, high potentials, and under performers
  • Provides a resource for more effective coaching & developing of employees to full potential
  • Enhances team effectiveness Programs
  • Facilitates organization alignment, planning & development
  • Provides essential data to facilitate culture transformation
  • Provides valuable information for developing surveys on: Organization Effectiveness; Employee Engagement; Management Auditon
  • Improves career & succession planning process
Image illustrates rather than opposing paths, the true path to success is mastering the paradox.

Practical Application of
Harrison Assessments’ Paradoxical Leadership


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Paradoxical Leadership is a concept that is well-documented in organizational literature, designed to support leaders facing competing priorities, diverse perspectives, and constrained resources. Many paradoxes are driven by leaders’ behavioral choices. The challenge is to consider both paradoxical perspectives rather than using an either/or solution; for example Frankness and Diplomacy. This assessment is used in both personal and professional/executive coaching.

In this presentation, Sheryl Dawson will provide:

  • An overview of Harrison Assessment’s Paradoxical Leadership assessment, which enables leaders to measure seemingly contradictory behaviors and achieve balance, resulting in improved performance and relationships – both personal and professional.
  • An opportunity to experience the Harrison Assessments’ Paradox Report (pre-webinar via a 20-minute online assessment questionnaire – see note at bottom for procedure)
  • Insight into the unintended consequences of Paradox imbalance
  • An opportunity to gain awareness of how leaders and teams can improve performance and relationships through Paradox balance – and the role of the coach in that process
  • Case scenarios to deepen the understanding of how the Harrison Assessment gives the coach and client new awareness, enhances the learning, and informs the action for the client.

Core Competencies include Creating Awareness, Powerful Questioning, and Designing Action.

Sheryl Dawson, MBA, BA is a Talent Consultant with over 25 years of experience; 17 years as Solutions Partner with Harrison Assessments. Sheryl supports organizations across the talent cycle with a predictive behavioral assessment to achieve organizational and business goals. She provides leadership and team development for executive teams utilizing Harrison Assessments’ Paradoxical Leadership concepts.

Certification with ICF educational credits:

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Paradoxical Leadership Webinar Participant comments:

“Paradox technology is a profound way to measure behavioral choices which while seemingly contradictory are really complementary…”

“Sheryl delivered really meaningful and impactful content. She’s terrifically professional and engaging and her Paradoxical Leadership work is actionable and proved useful for our ICF members.”

“The value of paradoxes and the tension they create can be used as a springboard for advancement.”

Walking through the generic paradox report was much more meaningful because I completed the assessment and reviewed my own report before the session, so I had some questions already in mind.

Wow! I learned a lot.

I used the Paradox concept with an executive client to explain how his strengths and blind spots were integrally linked. It was a big learning and shift in thinking for him.

The Paradox concept enables one to be more aware and listen more deeply to my clients.

“The Paradoxical Leadership webinar is a compelling introduction to one of the most unique and powerful Harrison capabilities to develop individual leaders and teams.”

I loved your Paradox presentation…

This was a wonderful webinar!

Extremely organized.

This was a really thorough introduction to the Harrison Assessments and the concept of Paradoxical Leadership with helpful insight into my own strengths and gaps. I appreciated Sheryl’s knowledge and depth of information. I can see how these paradoxes play out in the lives of many of my clients and now have some new language to approach their strengths and development opportunities.

…Sheryl is focused, extremely knowledgeable and business-savvy; her ability to connect theory with real-life problems in organizations drives home the value proposition for Harrison’s unique model and measurement of Paradoxical Leadership.”

Great clarity and a wonderful assessment!!!

I have already applied one of the concepts with a client!

Thank you for a great session!

Harrison measures preferences for enjoyment & wellbeing

Chris Harry Chief Learning Officer (1:26 minutes)

“In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

Veronica Delgado Former Sr. VP, Global Human Resources & Workforce Development Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

The Coach’s Coach
“Thank you for your wonderful classroom instruction, facilitation and coaching these past 12 months which aided my successful completion of the International Coaching Federation Coach Knowledge Assessment for Coach Certification. You helped me gain understanding of many assessment resources beneficial for my coaching practice. Our work on competencies of the ICF model made a difference in my success on the exam. I was fortunate to work with two great master coaches and you are one of them!”

Bonita Lockings, ICF Certified Coach & CHRO