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Job Search: The Total System

College References

ref_college_small “As a new graduate seeking my first full time position, I found the greatest value of the Total Career Success program in its comprehensive framework for how to address each stage of the employment search. College certainly developed my subject matter knowledge and skills, but The Total System™ prepared me to market them in the real world.”
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Military References

ref_military_small “After immersing myself in The Total System™ success model, I developed the competence and confidence I needed. Amazingly my attractiveness as a job candidate steadily grew as I implemented the marketing techniques I learned! By the time I left the Air Force, I had secured an excellent job in my chosen career field.” Read more Military References.

Executive References

Job Search The Total System Executive References photoThe Total System™ is a whole lot like a diet program. You can chase the latest craze and lose a few pounds, or you can make the necessary life style changes that will ensure that you not only lose weight, but can maintain it.” Read more Executive References.

Industry References

Job Search The Total System Industry References photo “It was a great relief to me and to my management to see the positive results for our transitioning employees, many of whom moved on to bigger and better opportunities as a result of Job Search: The Total System™.” Read more Industry References.

Professional References

ref_prof_smallThe Total System™ Cycle of Success linking a positive attitude with psychological leverage provided an inspirational strategy to launch my search. Your excellent resources enhanced my skills to market myself and having made a conscious decision to embrace The Total System™, I landed a great job!” Read more Professional References.

Expert References

ref_exp_smallJob Search: The Total System™ by the Dawsons really does accomplish what it sets out to do. It shows you how to do … and more importantly WHAT to do. Beginning with search online and moving right along to the basics, they then go where few dare. They tell the truth and show you how to get the job! They call it moving beyond Resume Platitudes. I call it getting past the BS.” Read more Expert References.

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What Clients Say …

“In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

Veronica Delgado Sr. VP, Global Human Resources & Workforce Development Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

The Coach’s Coach

“Thank you for your wonderful classroom instruction, facilitation and coaching these past 12 months which aided my successful completion of the International Coaching Federation Coach Knowledge Assessment for Coach Certification. You helped me gain understanding of many assessment resources beneficial for my coaching practice. Our work on competencies of the ICF model made a difference in my success on the exam. I was fortunate to work with two great master coaches and you are one of them!” —Bonita Lockings, ICF Certified Coach & CHRO