Proven to Dramatically Improve Individual, Team & Organizational Performance in Just 7 Weeks!

Increase Productivity
Enhance Communication
Improve Team Effectiveness
Develop Organizational Skills

Are you struggling with trying to do more with less, overwhelmed with piles of “to do’s” and too little time to get to them, and distracted with interruptions and no time to plan? This proven 7-week program will give you more time, enable you to accomplish more with less and increase profitability with the same staff!

Feedback from 1000s of executives and managers demonstrates that you are not alone — we realize that you feel as though you have too few hours and too few resources, and are missing too many opportunities because you can’t get to your high priority issues and activities. The Personal Leadership & Productivity Program is the solution. In just 2 hours per week for 7 weeks you can improve time management and prioritization, improve organizational structure, enhance communications and increase team work.

The program helped me become more productive, organized and in control.

This is a common sense approach to personal productivity. It is a clear path to regaining control of the work day and restoring order to what often seems like chaos.

After 15 years as a CEO, I see a quantifiable improvement in my capacity to stay on top of my job, while having better balance in my life.


The Personal Leadership & Productivity Program enables executives, managers and individual performers to increase personal productivity, live a well balanced life, and enjoy greater success. At the same time, it improves leadership skills and enhances organizational culture. The program’s unique methods are proven over 15 years in large and small organizations. The Program improves goal setting processes, communication and effective team work.


Dawson Consulting Group offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Weekly group sessions of only 2-hours per week for 7 weeks
  • Individual pre-course conference with supervisor/leader & participant
  • Goal Setting – Three specific goals weekly
  • Action-oriented exercises that produce results
  • Innovative ideas to implement immediately
  • Measurable results through behavior change
  • Tracking methods to achieve specific organizational goals
  • Unique perspectives and solutions from participants
  • Dynamic discussions about current challenges
  • One-on-one consultation with the participant
  • My-Tyme Calendar/Commitment Book
  • Post-course conference to review results
  • Program Workbook and Audio CDs

By participating in the 7-week Personal Leadership & Productivity Program you can increase your performance effectiveness and have more time with your family, grow your company faster, and have time left for yourself! The program works because it uses state-of-the-industry learning and change methodology that cost-effectively achieve results. Some of the benefits and comments on results from satisfied participants are:

Improved short & long term planning

Improved individual performance

“We noticed immediate improvements that have continued to make a positive difference. This is not a
quick shot in the arm but is designed to have a lasting impact.”

Increased productivity

Improved handling of interruptions

“Wow, what a difference seven weeks can make!”

Increased focus on priorities

Improved leadership skills

“I learned how to handle and minimize interruptions, and how to implement and maintain an effective paperflow system. I cannot extol enough superlatives about the program!”

Improved team skills

Focused career path that motivates

“Excellent Course content with a great way to apply the principles into your daily routine.”

Enhanced company culture

Improved organization

“I’m finding more time for creative thinking and goal planning. My high priority items are being accomplished quicker.”

Improved delegation

Improved electronic systems efficiency

“I admit I was very skeptical about taking this program — I personally benefited in time management, setting priorities, and problem solving. I recommend any manager having perplexities in their position attend.”

Increased team productivity

Improved use of electronic planners

“It is amazing that a class can revitalize and invigorate someone’s life — but that is exactly what has happened to me. The best thing is, it really works — results are immediate and measurable.”

Improved communications

Increased productivity of meetings

“The program helped make this a better place to work.”

Take control of your time and optimize your resources by registering for the Personal Leadership & Productivity Program. If you have a number of people on your staff or team or in your organization who could benefit, call today for a free diagnostic on how to achieve your greatest results now.

Contact us today to schedule a program for one or more leaders and employees.

Harrison measures preferences for enjoyment & wellbeing

Chris Harry
Chief Learning Officer (1:26 minutes)

Career Navigation
System Brochure

Harrison changes the game to drive performance.

Chris Harry Chief Learning Officer (1:32 minutes)

What Clients Say…

“In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

Veronica Delgado Former Sr. VP, Global Human Resources & Workforce Development Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

The Coach’s Coach
“Thank you for your wonderful classroom instruction, facilitation and coaching these past 12 months which aided my successful completion of the International Coaching Federation Coach Knowledge Assessment for Coach Certification. You helped me gain understanding of many assessment resources beneficial for my coaching practice. Our work on competencies of the ICF model made a difference in my success on the exam. I was fortunate to work with two great master coaches and you are one of them!”

Bonita Lockings, ICF Certified Coach & CHRO

Harrison measures preferences for enjoyment & wellbeing

Chris Harry Chief Learning Officer (1:26 minutes)

Harrison data facilitates improved decisions

Chris Harry
Chief Learning Officer (1:32 minutes)

Harrison selects the right talent for the right roles

Chris Harry
Chief Learning Officer (1:04 minutes)

In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.

Case Study: A Culture of Purpose

Remote Workforce Analytics
Video on Harrison Succession Planning Capability
Video with Dr. Harrison on Linking Succession Planning to Career Planning


Harrison Assessments Certification


“Sheryl’s coaching facilitated my transition from graduate to young professional… I was able to find a great position.


The heightened awareness of how work and organizational context impacts one’s behavioral preferences is very valuable as I pursue this new phase in my career and life… Sheryl’s coaching raised my confidence to navigate future career pursuits – in a word, priceless!


“Sheryl’s coaching was very instrumental in my transition from a consulting to an operational role… The comprehensive Harrison Assessments reports coupled with her open and encouraging debriefing style, facilitated self-awareness and clarity…

Remote Working - A conversation with Dan Harrison (video)

Remote Workforce Analytics (video)

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