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Dawson Consulting Group custom designs team development programs based on the organizations goals, needs, and budget. Offering a variety of blended solutions to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams, Dawson applies assessment, individual and group coaching, and traditional and experiential training as appropriate to the need and desired outcomes. Some popular and successful solutions include:

Team Development Programs:

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watch video image SHRM Continuing Education Credits are rewarded at both levels of certification training: 16 credits for Level I and 20 credits for Level II.

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Having known and worked with Dawson Consulting Group since its formative years, I can personally attest to their consistency and quality of service for over 25 years. Their amazing resilience in the dynamic talent management and organizational consulting field is attributed to their vision, innovation, and ability to provide custom solutions to their clients. Compassionate, giving, supportive, responsive and easy to work with, Dawson places commitment to the client relationship first. In a word, you can count on excellence with Dawson Consulting Group!

Director, Human Resources
Boys and Girls Country