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Harrison Assessments
Career Assessment & Job Placement System
Value Proposition for Educational Institutions

“Beyond ensuring career satisfaction, the Harrison Career Assessment minimizes the chances of investing in degree programs that are not behaviorally suitable!” Western Sydney University

Successful career, role and job placement, whether for selection of educational program, internal organizational selection, or for transitional opportunities, requires effective career assessment. The Harrison career assessment portal is an excellent way to ensure that the needs of both the individual, as well as the organization are met. Harrison Assessments is particularly well suited for the career assessment process in educational institutions. Combined with a thorough review of one’s interests, qualifications, accomplishments and career aspirations, as well as market opportunities, it provides the following advantages:

  • Represents a new generation of assessment capability backed by an international research & development firm
  • Harnesses technology for a comprehensive look at career and position specific eligibility factors and behavioral suitability traits; system access may be direct by candidates, students, alumni and employers for optimal placement
  • Assesses 175 traits accurately using Performance Paradox, not Bi-polar analysis
  • Evaluates individual behavioral preferences profile against over 650 careers and 6500 position templates – lists order of match by career categories or by ranking preferences highest to lowest
  • Matches career options based on educational level – university & college, 2-year programs, high school
  • Assesses task preferences, interests, preferred work environment, interpersonal skills, motivation, decision – making, and leadership competencies
  • Provides highly accurate consistency score; web-enabled
  • Effectively applied – easy-to-read reports
  • Guides career decisions based on behavioral preferences for a strong indicator of performance success and job satisfaction

These features and benefits make Harrison Assessments an ideal resource for career assessment from the individual, organizational and institutional perspectives. The feedback session is important to understanding the implications of the person’s strengths and how they fit with the individual’s career aspirations, background, and experience. Whether applied for individual career decisions, or career center counseling, or for organizational hiring, Harrison Assessments is a powerful resource for sound career decisions.

Dawson Consulting Group is a Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner for Texas and Arizona.


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“In every application across the talent cycle, the ROI for Harrison Assessments is excellent.”

Veronica Delgado Sr. VP, Global Human Resources & Workforce Development Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.