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Paradoxical Leadership: Mastering Balanced Versatility for Improved Relationships & Performance!

Paradoxical Leadership is a concept that is well-documented in organizational literature, designed to support leaders facing competing priorities, diverse perspectives, and constrained resources. Many paradoxes are driven by leaders’ behavioral choices. The challenge is to consider both paradoxical perspectives rather than using an either/or solution; for example, Frankness and Diplomacy. This article explores several common cases of both individual leader and team situations in which Paradoxical imbalances result in dysfunction and hindered performance, engagement, and desired business results.

Accelerate Your Talent Future with Predictive Assessment!

Integrated Talent Management Requires Decision Analytics

Are you overwhelmed by the proliferation of HR-related technologies and analytics capabilities, as are many HR professionals? Like any disruptive technology, it takes time and commitment to sort through the possibilities, their benefits to the organization, appropriate talent strategies and effective implementation. Behavioral assessments are adapting to the new technologies but many assessment tools are simply that—resources to be utilized for narrow applications and specific needs. Change and innovation in the field are happening so fast that at times we need to just stop, evaluate processes/methodologies, and consider the ROI for adopting the new technologies and analytics.

Navigate Life’s Rapids with Balance: Whole Life Profile Achieves Lasting Change

Have you ever felt like you were hanging on for dear life in an out-of-control raft on an unnavigable river? You are not alone! Jessica is a mother with young children and a working husband who is also a Reservist. She is degreed and having worked earlier in their marriage is now exploring how and when she can return to work while maintaining continuity in the home. Since her husband is super task-oriented, after many years it has been challenging to deepen their marriage relationship and engage him more directly with the children. Not unlike many couples, they are opposites in their approaches, so navigating the emotional and spiritual aspects of their relationship has been somewhat like a rafting adventure!

The Whole Life Profile (WLP) assessment and workshop are a powerful combination to enable anyone to take control of their challenging situations across the five dimensions or spheres of life–physical, financial/work, psychological, relational, and integral or spiritual. Regardless of age, stage in life/career, challenge or transition, experiencing the WLP brings clarity to your strengths, areas of imbalance, and motivations to support your change process to achieve greater success, happiness, and improved relationships.

Julie Pastrick, Flagstaff Chamber CEO Interviews Sheryl Dawson on the Whole Life Profile

Julie Pastrick, CEO of Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO of Dawson Consulting Group, on Chamber Business Insights to discuss the Whole Life Profile assessment and workshop for individuals and couples.  Listen in to learn how you can bring balance to all aspects of your life and work for increased happiness and success.  […]

Texas Business Radio Interview: Sheryl Dawson on Talent Imperatives for Business Results!

Matt Register with Texas Business Radio interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO Dawson Consulting Group on the pressing talent issues organizations face in an expanding economic environment.

Best-in-Class Talent Management Analytics – The Irrefutable Business Case!

Best-in-class organizations rely on behavioral decision analytics to improve business results and increase competitiveness according to recent surveys and studies: McKinsey talent survey1, IBM C-suite study2, and Deloitte Consulting research3. Harrison Assessments’ 2019 system release offers innovative predictive analytics and enhanced talent management capabilities making it easier for organizations of all sizes and industries to […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Talent Management Matters!

Remember the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the award-winning 1940 Disney film Fantasia that has captivated audiences ever since?  Mickey Mouse played the role of the apprentice whose task was to keep a water reservoir filled by carrying buckets of water from a fountain up an arduous stairway.  While watching the Sorcerer perform his magic, Mickey got […]

Lift the Cloud over Recruiters – Use Artificial Intelligence with Feeling!

The challenges recruiters face in sourcing and hiring the best talent is daunting, to say the least.  Sometimes they feel like a cloud of uncertainty hangs over their heads – uncertainty about the availability of qualified talent, uncertainty about their ability to attract them in a competitive market, uncertainty about their future talent needs and […]

More than a Data Point! Gain Predictive Analytics across the Talent Cycle

With literally thousands of assessments available, it is hard to know which to trust, how to use them, and how to evaluate the value of their data. Many personality and style indicators are popular for insight on employee differences and learning how leaders and team members can adapt to various styles for more effective relationships. […]

Keep Your Keepers! A Winning Talent Strategy for 2017 – Part 2

Advance Your Organization’s Success in 2017 – Implement EQ10! 10 Top Talent Strategies that Leverage “Engagement Intelligence” Video In part one of Keep Your Keepers we covered fundamentals of integrated talent management and engagement. In part two we present the 10 winning talent strategies for success in any organization. Extensive research has demonstrated that when […]

Keep Your Keepers! A Winning Talent Strategy for 2017 – Part 1

Build a Foundation of Integrated Talent Management that Drives Engagement! Video As we embark on a promising new year, organizations are positioning talent strategies to meet their business goals. Regardless of the industry, achieving alignment of talent goals with business objectives is essential for strategic and organizational success. Foundational to effective talent management is an […]

The Weak Link in Predicting Private Equity Investment Success

Talent decision analytics pay off across every business metric! No industry is more disciplined in analyzing data relevant to investments than are Private Equity firms. Their financial, operational and market analyses are comprehensive and rigorous to ensure the best investment decisions for their investors and portfolio companies. On the other hand, evaluation of leadership, organization […]

The Weak Link in Predicting Business Success

Talent decision analytics pay off across every business metric! By Sheryl Dawson, CEO Dawson Consulting Group No function is more disciplined in analyzing data relevant to business success than business development. Their financial, operational and market analyses are comprehensive and rigorous to ensure the best investment decisions for their investors. On the other hand, evaluation […]

You are not a Style, YOU are Unique!

Who does not enjoy taking behavioral personality assessments to better understand themselves? We are infinitely interested in who we are, how we interact with others and just what makes us tick! The problem is, most assessments measure a very narrow set of traits. Many common psychological and behavioral assessments look primarily at personality traits. For instance, Myers Briggs […]

Finally, A Way to Effectively Predict Potential!

A WIN-WIN Strategy for Leadership Development Organizations have been utilizing the 9-box approach to succession planning for many years, yet the challenge of measuring potential is often very subjective and based on who knows whom! Organizations have sought to reduce the impact of the “halo effect” or “fair-haired” syndrome by developing leadership competency models and […]

The Best Kept Secret in Talent Management!

Harrison Assessments Is improving engagement and retention a top priority in your organization? An analytics system that facilitates better hiring and promotion decisions at every level and enables leaders to more effectively onboard, coach and mentor their employees can dramatically impact your results. At the same time, preparing your talent to advance requires effective behavioral […]