Sheryl Dawson, Facilitator

Julie Pastrick, Flagstaff Chamber CEO Interviews Sheryl Dawson on the Whole Life Profile

Sheryl Dawson, FacilitatorJulie Pastrick, CEO of Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO of Dawson Consulting Group, on Chamber Business Insights to discuss the Whole Life Profile assessment and workshop for individuals and couples.  Listen in to learn how you can bring balance to all aspects of your life and work for increased happiness and success.  Sheryl shares her personal story of how the Whole Life Profile has facilitated her wellness journey, business transition, and relocation to Flagstaff.  Julie asks Sheryl how listeners can overcome their challenges, navigate transitions and achieve their own goals for improved relationships and career success.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into your unique “whole life profile” which reveals behavioral strengths, blind spots, and motivators so that you can achieve your physical, financial, psychological/emotional, relational, and spiritual goals for a more fulfilling life! Additional information and registration:

Julie Pastrick, Flagstaff Chamber CEO Interviews Sheryl Dawson on the Whole Life Profile
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Dr. James Maas, Professor and Bestselling Author, and Consultant Rebecca Robbins on Sleep for Success

Dr Jim Maas  sm4 10Rebecca Robbins biopx Dr. James Maas is a professor of psychology at Cornell University, where he holds the world’s record for having taught more than 65,000 college students. Rebecca Robbins is the co-founder, with Dr. Maas, of the Sleep for Success consulting firm. Together they discuss everything you must know about sleep, but are too tired to ask! Learn how to accomplish more in less time with less stress and greater health. Executives, professionals, students, parents, athletes, children and senior citizens can improve their lives and performances literally overnight by

  • Developing excellent sleep habits;
  • Getting 8 or more hours of sleep each night;
  • Managing time better;
  • Taking power naps.

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Dr. Robert Pennington: Managing the Stress of Change in Turbulent Times

Dr. Robert Pennington image Dr. Robert Pennington, executive coach and educational psychologist, walks the talk of someone who knows professionally and personally how to deal well with life’s challenges. He teaches individuals and groups how to:

  • Recognize stress quicker and move through it faster
  • Understand three definitions relating stress and change
  • Discover the Positive Opposite Possibility of Worry
  • Avoid up to 90% of stressful disagreements.

One of the top hurdles to overcoming change is resistance. Rob shares techniques to help you adapt to and embrace change.

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An Innovative New Approach to Overcoming Stress with Bill Crawford, Ph.D.

Dr. Bill Crawford, psychologist, coach, trainer and author of Life from the Top of the Mind, offers a totally unique method of countering the debilitating effects of stress by showing individuals and groups how to use specific parts of the brain to access desired qualities and characteristics. He identifies this approach as shift from using the resistant and reactive brain, where the focus is on blame and resentment, to the receptive brain, where a person can access his/her clarity, confidence and creativity. With this method, you can learn how to:

  • Regain control in any situation;
  • Shift from the using lower 20% of the brain to the upper 80%;
  • Define yourself on purpose in any situation;
  • Bring this more purposeful perspective to all aspects of life.

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Interview Like a Pro, and Get a Job Offer Every Time

Have you recently graduated from college or grad school, and are you getting lots of interviews but can’t seem to land a job offer? Is your interview rut dragging down your confidence and enthusiasm? For most new graduates – and most seasoned professionals – the interview is the single most challenging part of the entire job search campaign – except for perhaps negotiations. Unfortunately it is also without a doubt the most critical. So how can you ensure successful interviews that will secure job offers? The answer: develop and implement a winning interview strategy. It will a guarantee a job offer every time.

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Dr. Dan Harrison, International Leader in Behavioral Assessment: Achieving Career Success by Knowing Yourself

What makes some people prefer working in teams and some prefer independent project work? Why do some people thrive as engineers, while others are born to be writers? It is fascinating to think about the underlying preferences and behavioral traits that determine what careers best suit each of us. International leader in behavioral assessments, Dr. Dan Harrison (, shares his unique assessment instrument and how our behavioral preferences impact our career choices and performance success.
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Roadmap for Success: 7 Steps to Effective Change

With all the uncertainty and anxiety that pervade our thoughts and discussions about the economy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the gloom-and-doom mentality and feel completely helpless. While layoffs and losses can erode confidence, to overcome and succeed we must not let them! We encourage everyone to put the past in the past and focus on the future. Dr. David Krueger, author of Roadmap for a New Wellness Story, shared with us how a systematic approach to change can empower us to achieve career and life goals.

Dave Krueger, M.D., is an Executive Mentor Coach and currently serves as the CEO of MentorPath (, an executive coaching, wellness, and publishing firm in Houston, Texas. He helps executive clients “write the next chapter of their business stories” by combining elements of psychology, neuroscience, and professional coaching into a comprehensive method for effecting change and achieving goals. Dr. Krueger is the author of over fifteen professional and trade books on self-development, wellness, and success, and he frequently gives keynote addresses nationally and internationally. His strategies look at success as both an art and a science, and in his coaching and writing he focuses on the principle of “mind over matter.” In the past Dr. Krueger has served as a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and has practiced and taught both psychiatry and psychoanalysis. He has been listed among America’s Top Psychiatrists, and from 1996 until his retirement from practicing clinical psychiatry in 2002, he was listed in The Best Doctors in America. Additionally, he has founded and served as CEO for two healthcare corporations, and co-founded a third startup that began as a venture capital endeavor and eventually became a merger/acquisition.
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