Lynn O’Shaughnessy, Author of The College Solution, on Shrinking the cost of college!

lynn-300Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution: Shrinking the Cost of College, a college contributor for US News & World Report, and blogger for CBSMoneyWatch and TheCollegeSolutionBlog. For years, college tuition has been increasing faster than inflation, with the most expensive colleges costing $50,000 annually. Learn how to get cash for yourself or your college-bound child:

  • Save tens of thousands of dollars by identifying the financial fingerprint of colleges
  • Discover 60 colleges that offer the best financial aid packages
  • Attend out-of-state public universities for in-state prices
  • Discover why expensive schools can be cheaper than your home state universities
  • Tap into the biggest source of scholarship cash.

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Career Advancement Strategies in a Tough Economy

Are you having to do more with less? Is work more intense and do you feel like you are working your fingers to the bones? We’ll share insights on dealing with the impact of the recession, as well as job search and career advancement strategies to get to the next level even in a tough economy. Learn how to:

  • Be more efficient and effective after a restructuring or layoff
  • Embrace and add value to your situation
  • Adapt to change in order to grow professionally
  • Develop an entrepreneurial perspective and/or become independent contractor
  • Be a “one-percenter” and build a cycle of success.

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Dr. Tony Zeiss, President Central Piedmont Community College on “Building Your Own Career Ladder”

Tony Zeiss image
Dr. Tony Zeiss, author of Build Your Own Ladder: 4 Secrets to Making Your Career Dreams Come True, shares how to utilize your powers of:

  • Vision
  • Thought
  • Influence
  • Reciprocity

Learn strategies that successful people have employed for thousands of years. Whether just entering the workforce, establishing personal career plans, or already working and want a more meaningful career, you will gain insight into how to exceed your dreams and have an extraordinary career.

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Interview Like a Pro, and Get a Job Offer Every Time

Have you recently graduated from college or grad school, and are you getting lots of interviews but can’t seem to land a job offer? Is your interview rut dragging down your confidence and enthusiasm? For most new graduates – and most seasoned professionals – the interview is the single most challenging part of the entire job search campaign – except for perhaps negotiations. Unfortunately it is also without a doubt the most critical. So how can you ensure successful interviews that will secure job offers? The answer: develop and implement a winning interview strategy. It will a guarantee a job offer every time.

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University of Phoenix President Dr. Bill Pepicello: How to Educate the Next Generation

Dr. Bill Pepicello image

On February 22, 2010, Dr. Bill Pepicello joined the “Total Career Success” radio show to discuss:

  • Next generation learners and how to educate them, including how only 27% of undergraduates fit the traditional mould of a college student, creating the need for new directions in higher education.
  • Current legislation on higher education, and how it could affect for-profit institutions.
  • How the University of Phoenix’s centralized curriculum model facilitates consistency in learning in the classroom and online.
  • The University of Phoenix’s goal of offering a relevant education to students, alumni and the organizations for which they work, is one of the top goals of the UOP.
  • The University’s new partnership with Total Career Success, Inc. for job search and career development, which will allow University of Phoenix students and alumni to access to proven resources that will teach them to excel in self-marketing.

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VoiceAmerica Radio Interview with NACE President Dr. Manny Contomanolis

Finding a job that is “the perfect fit,” even for individuals with pages of references and years of experience, often proves to be a challenging task. If you are a college student and or recent graduate seeking a professional position for the first time, the job search process can seem almost overwhelming.  After all, you are charting unfamiliar territory that is far removed from the comfortable academic routine of college. But do not despair! With your degree and intelligence, eagerness and enthusiasm, and a little help from Total Career Success, you will soon secure the perfect job and be on the road to success. Total Career Success founders Ken and Sheryl Dawson sat down with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) President Manny Contomanolis to discuss issues and trends facing college students and recent graduates who are currently involved in job searches. (Listen to the interview) Their Total Career Success radio show focused specifically on job markets and trends for first-time job seekers, as well as tools for success and finding the right fit for YOU.
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Dr. Bill Pepicello, President, University Of Phoenix, on Career Advancement through Education

Dr. Bill Pepicello image

As the sixth president of the University of Phoenix, Dr. Bill Pepicello is responsible for the leadership of the largest private university in the United States. He has extensive experience in higher education, having served as Provost for the University, Dean of the School of Advanced Studies, as well as in executive, administrative, and faculty positions with a number of prestigious institutions. He holds both master’s and doctorate degrees in Linguistics from Brown University. Dr. Pepicello serves on a number of national, state, and local Boards and is recognized as a leader in the changing landscape of American higher education.

Dr. Pepicello spoke about his perceptions on how education positions one for success in their field of choice, how the current economic conditions will challenge various career aspirations, how global competition impacts career choices and addressed questions from the audience.

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Armed to Get a Job!

5 Weapons for College Grads to Attack the Job Market and Win

The new college graduate is eager to get that first professional job! Degree in hand and four or more years of hard work to get an education in their chosen field, they are anxious to put it all to good use. As they face a dampened 2009 job market as predicted by the latest National Association of Colleges and Employers’ survey, they need to be armed for competition.

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2 Principles of Professionalism in the Workplace

Last week I had the privilege to speak to a leadership class at Texas Woman’s University. The co-ed class was a diverse group of health care managers and aspiring managers from many cultures, backgrounds and ages. What was most interesting was the unanimity in definition of professionalism! To be sure the class responded to my question for a definition with an assortment of qualities, characteristics and values including: integrity, attitude, respect of others, courtesy, responsiveness, consideration, openness to communication, accountability, and competence. However, as we analyzed the list a consensus of two underlying principles of professionalism emerged.
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What I Learned at the NACE 2008 Conference

Wow! What a great conference…

I went to the NACE conference this year, not as an exhibitor, but sort of as a researcher – an information seeker. Although I have many years experience in corporate outplacement and career transition, I didn’t claim to be an expert on what college career centers needed specifically. I wanted to find out first hand, so, I headed to New Orleans!

The keynote speaker was Daniel Pink, author of the bestselling Free Agent Nation. His address was titled “What Talent Wants: Inside the Hearts and Minds of the Free Agent Work Force.” That topic really was a great opening to an ongoing theme that permeated the entire conference. The question that I kept hearing over and over again was… “How do we best reach the millennial generation?”

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