Texas Business Radio Interview: Sheryl Dawson on Talent Imperatives for Business Results!

Matt Register with Texas Business Radio interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO Dawson Consulting Group on the pressing talent issues organizations face in an expanding economic environment.

The Weak Link in Predicting Private Equity Investment Success

Talent decision analytics pay off across every business metric!

weaklinkbusinessclimberNo industry is more disciplined in analyzing data relevant to investments than are Private Equity firms. Their financial, operational and market analyses are comprehensive and rigorous to ensure the best investment decisions for their investors and portfolio companies.

On the other hand, evaluation of leadership, organization and culture is subjective at best. While many case studies demonstrate that the health of an organization’s culture and quality of leadership are top predictors of success, measuring those critical factors has been more an art than a science. Korn Ferry’s July, 2016 Briefings includes the article, Why Boards Make Bad Decisions, which emphasizes the importance of having a sound succession plan and the right team in place for ongoing success. This advice is equally vital for PE firms. Yet, measuring leadership fit and cultural health has been the weak link in predicting success for Private Equity investments!
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