Bob Alexander, Educational Consultant, on the Ziglar I CAN Culture Transformation Program

Alexander_IMG_9264Bob Alexander, President of The Alexander Resource Group, is a former teacher, coach and high school administrator who has personally conducted thousands of keynote addresses, workshops, and student assemblies worldwide on success principles and career advancement.  Bob is passionate about teaching the Ziglar I CAN values and attitudes that enable children to succeed.  The Ziglar mantra of encouragement and hope is one that resonates with everyone, especially children!  He shares:

  • The challenge of education;
  • ABC’s of Life…Attitude, Behavior and Character;
  • The Stair Steps to Success;
  • The I CAN success story;
  • Keys to Cultural Transformation.

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Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy, Authors of In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving, as Portrayed in the Movie The Blind Side

Sean_LeighAnne_HResLeigh Anne and Sean Tuohy are the inspiring couple featured in the Oscar-nominated movie The Blind Side: The Story of Michael Oher.  Authors of In a Heartbeat, they share their extraordinary journey of faith and love with unforgettable lessons about the power of giving. The Tuohys’ deeply inspiring story of a family that makes giving a way of life and the huge blessings that decision has brought to them, demonstrates the ways we can all make a difference in our own communities. Just a few of the lessons in generosity from the Tuohys include:

  • If you can’t give something big, give something small
  • When you receive something, give part of it away
  • Generosity starts at home.

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Allen Clark on Overcoming Adversity

Allen Clark image West Point graduate Allen Clark served in the Vietnam War, and in his new memoir, Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior, he recounts his triumph over war wounds, physical injuries, devastation and despair. After a successful career in banking, energy and real estate, Clark served as Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs. He now helps wounded and troubled veterans overcome adversity and “be all they can be.” His poignant story is an encouragement to anyone facing personal or career challenges.

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Entrepreneur Jen Groover on Taking Control of Your Career, Life & Destiny

Jen Groover image With her book What If? and Why Not?: How to Transform Your Fears Into Action and Start the Business of Your Dreams, branding strategist Jen Groover inspires individuals to empower their lives and our culture by beginning with simple questions like, “What if…?” and “Why not…?” An innovator who helps others innovate themselves, Jen engages people to think, be, do and become. She shows people how they can be in control of the messages they send in every aspect of their work and life. Whether stepping up to a new career, building a new business, making your voice heard, or helping someone else overcome a hurdle, Jen shows you how to make a difference.

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“Yes, You Can!” –Brian Fleming, Purple Heart Recipient

Brian Fleming image Brian Fleming, a veteran of the Afghanistan war and author of Yes, You Can! Overcome Your Greatest Tragedy, Discover Your Purpose, and Live an Extraordinary Life!, shares his story of being badly burned and overcoming the physical and emotional wounds caused by a bomb explosion in Afghanistan. With many veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, it is a timely message. Brian’s story of struggle, perseverance, courage and hope is one from which we all can benefit. He shares how he is applying the lessons from his traumatic experience to help others.

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