Dr. Elizabeth Travis of M.D. Anderson on Women in Medicine & Health Care

Elizabeth Travis image Dr. Elizabeth Travis, Associate Vice President of Women Faculty Programs for M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, is editor of Legends and Legacies: Personal Journeys of Women Physicians and Scientists at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, a collection of essays by leading women faculty who overcame hardships, biases, and self-doubts to pursue their passions. These stories of perseverance and success inspire young women considering careers in science or medicine, and also provide a road map for balancing work and family. Central to each journey were caring mentors who facilitated each essayist’s career development, and taught them how to mentor the next generation of women pursuing careers in science and health care.

For more from Dr. Elizabeth Travis, listen to the entire show or visit gsbs.uth.tmc.edu/tutorial/travis.html.

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