Three Keys to Work Satisfaction

three keys to work satisfactionIt seems basic. If you like what you are doing it doesn’t feel so much like work. If you enjoy doing something you are more likely to continue doing it and do it well. So shouldn’t a personality assessment being used to measure job suitability include measuring work satisfaction?

Measuring work satisfaction is essential to determine motivation and forecast whether an individual will prosper, succeed and stay with the organization. Most behavioral and personality assessments fail to measure work satisfaction and are therefore limited to predicting personality.

Harrison Assessments’ twenty five plus years of research prove that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are three times more likely to succeed than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job. Measuring factors related to work satisfaction makes it possible to predict job success and therefore hire, motivate and retain top talent.

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2015 Global Leadership Summit: 5 Ways to Reach Your Summit

The 2015 annual Global Leadership Summit was phenomenal; broadcast to 300+ US locations, then to 120 countries it will reach 240,000 participants worldwide. While this was my first year to attend, I won’t miss another! The schedule was filled with incredible renowned leaders who spoke from experience and from the heart. The lessons shared were universal in application for every type and size of organization – participants were from for profit, nonprofit, public and private, NGO’s, government, and ministry. Every generation was represented from young people aspiring to be leaders to those with accomplished records seeking the next level of achievement. The speakers were inspiring, encouraging, transparent, and humble. Each had a personal story to tell with which every leader could identify. Their messages were practical yet challenging, down-to-earth yet awe-inspiring, at times humorous yet penetrating. There were so many take aways that it is hard to select which to share. Here are just five lessons to help you reach your summit, regardless of what leadership mountain you may be facing.
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7 Success Lessons from World Cup Winners: Achieve Your Cycle of Success

7-Lessons-from-World-Cup-Winners-7-2015_400pxThe ticker tape parade in NYC last Friday was a well-deserved home coming celebration for our USA Women’s World Cup Soccer champions. Their amazing win against defending champion Japan on July 5 was a climatic burst of electrifying fireworks for our national holiday weekend celebration. After waiting 16 years to bring the trophy home again, this team could not be denied. When Wombach stated pre-match, “We have to bring the fire,” she was prophetic. The most watched soccer match in US history, this blow-out statistic will go down in the sports annals: 26.7 million US viewers. And by the way, the men’s World Cup drew only 17.3 million US viewers in July, 2014. Advertisers and promoters take note — women athletes can draw a crowd! This spectacular win is great for the team, the sport, women’s athletics and for the nation. We love winners and this World Cup team defines for us all what a true winner is. This team and the individual players provide a model you can emulate for your own success. What are the SUCCESS lessons?
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