Bob Alexander, Educational Consultant, on the Ziglar I CAN Culture Transformation Program

Alexander_IMG_9264Bob Alexander, President of The Alexander Resource Group, is a former teacher, coach and high school administrator who has personally conducted thousands of keynote addresses, workshops, and student assemblies worldwide on success principles and career advancement.  Bob is passionate about teaching the Ziglar I CAN values and attitudes that enable children to succeed.  The Ziglar mantra of encouragement and hope is one that resonates with everyone, especially children!  He shares:

  • The challenge of education;
  • ABC’s of Life…Attitude, Behavior and Character;
  • The Stair Steps to Success;
  • The I CAN success story;
  • Keys to Cultural Transformation.

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Raymond Larson on Entrepreneurship & the Seven Degrees of Influence

image003Raymond Larson has 30 years of experience in business and ministry. He combines vision with practical application to produce results for success. He shares his perspective on how business touches all other areas of the culture – government, education, family, religion, arts and entertainment, and media. Through a unique educational program for entrepreneurs, 7 Degrees offers a hands-on team approach to developing business acumen, networking and mentoring skills. Not only does the program develop entrepreneurs, but it impacts the culture through integrity, creative ideas, energy, research, and the right team. Larson discusses specific strategies to succeed in spite of a tough economy.

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Melinda Doolittle, American Idol Star and Author of Beyond Me: Finding Your Way to Life’s Next Level

smallDoolittle_MelindaMelinda Doolittle, American Idol star, recording artist and author of Beyond Me,  has skyrocketed to fame since her appearance on American Idol. She shares her secrets to finding her way to the next level:

  • Invest in others;
  • Work hard to realize your dream;
  • Listen to the wisdom of others;
  • Be prepared;
  • Be open to criticism and release offenses;
  • Face your fears and do it anyway.

Tone deaf as a child, her love of singing drove her to enter a talent show in the 7th grade, and miraculously, she stunned the audience with her spot-on vocals and beautiful voice. Melinda is an excellent model of how success is achieved – by faith and hard work. Be inspired to attain your next level.

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Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc., on Success 2.0: The Next Generation

Tom and ZigTom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and son of the inspirational Zig Ziglar, carries the torch to continue the vision of personal and career success that has transformed the lives of millions through the life and work of his father.  He will share:

  • Personal lessons on achieving your potential
  • Zig’s Greatest Accomplishment
  • The 7 components of success
  • The secret of sustaining success
  • Web 2.0 Technology and success

Through social media like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, Tom corresponds with people from all walks of life around the world. His goal is to help both individuals and organizations succeed by giving them Pure and Simple answers to their toughest questions.

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