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Integrated Talent Management Requires Decision Analytics

Are you overwhelmed by the proliferation of HR-related technologies and analytics capabilities, as are many HR professionals? Like any disruptive technology, it takes time and commitment to sort through the possibilities, their benefits to the organization, appropriate talent strategies and effective implementation. Behavioral assessments are adapting to the new technologies but many assessment tools are simply that—resources to be utilized for narrow applications and specific needs. Change and innovation in the field are happening so fast that at times we need to just stop, evaluate processes/methodologies, and consider the ROI for adopting the new technologies and analytics.

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Universal Weather and Aviation: A Culture of Purpose

Texas Business Radio Interview: Sheryl Dawson on Talent Imperatives for Business Results!

Matt Register with Texas Business Radio interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO Dawson Consulting Group on the pressing talent issues organizations face in an expanding economic environment.

Lift the Cloud over Recruiters – Use Artificial Intelligence with Feeling!

Harrison Assessments Unlimited Monthly Screening Aptitude

The challenges recruiters face in sourcing and hiring the best talent is daunting, to say the least.  Sometimes they feel like a cloud of uncertainty hangs over their heads – uncertainty about the availability of qualified talent, uncertainty about their ability to attract them in a competitive market, uncertainty about their future talent needs and the ability to hire right in the present to meet those needs.

The Rise of Recruitment AI
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More than a Data Point! Gain Predictive Analytics across the Talent Cycle

With literally thousands of assessments available, it is hard to know which to trust, how to use them, and how to evaluate the value of their data. Many personality and style indicators are popular for insight on employee differences and learning how leaders and team members can adapt to various styles for more effective relationships. But when it comes to hiring, development, and succession planning these popular tools and instruments are too limited to provide predictive value. Because many organizations have traditionally applied these tools beyond their intended purpose, leaders and recruiters are often skeptical of using any behavioral analytics! How can organizations avoid getting burned and find the right assessment for the right application when it comes to hiring, development and succession planning?

Keep Your Keepers! A Winning Talent Strategy for 2017 – Part 2

Advance Your Organization’s Success in 2017 – Implement EQ10!

10 Top Talent Strategies that Leverage “Engagement Intelligence”


In part one of Keep Your Keepers we covered fundamentals of integrated talent management and engagement. In part two we present the 10 winning talent strategies for success in any organization.

Extensive research has demonstrated that when organizations invest in the following ten talent management strategies they leverage “Engagement Intelligence” to achieve their business goals and WIN! I call these talent strategies EQ,sup>10:

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Keep Your Keepers! A Winning Talent Strategy for 2017 – Part 1

Build a Foundation of Integrated Talent Management that Drives Engagement!


As we embark on a promising new year, organizations are positioning talent strategies to meet their business goals. Regardless of the industry, achieving alignment of talent goals with business objectives is essential for strategic and organizational success. Foundational to effective talent management is an integrated approach that facilitates engagement. To effectively identify your organization’s top talent management priorities, it is crucial to understand your business strategy. Only then can talent management processes be aligned effectively to that strategy.
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Make Every Day, Veteran’s Day!

Marine-planting-flagNovember 11 proved we love our Veterans! There were many stories shared of heroes who humbly said they were just doing their jobs, like the heroic story from the Battle of Iwo Jima, of Hershel “Woody” Williams, the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient at 92. He only knocked out seven concrete enemy pillboxes and cleared the way for Marines to press the attack on the island – he was just doing his job along with 6,800 American service members who died and thousands more who were injured taking the island back from 22,000 Japanese defenders.

While it is great to have a special day to honor our Veterans, they deserve our gratitude every day. Almost all of us have a family member or friend who is a Veteran, yet each and every one is unique and special for their service. Whether they served during war time or not, they gave of their lives and time to secure our freedom. Here are 7 practical ways you can thank a Veteran every day: Read more

Is Your Recruiting Website Designed For Your Staff or Applicants?

That may seem like an odd question, but consider what applicants say about their most unfavorate websites:

“I spent an hour filling out an online application before I knew if there is a fit for me!”

“I never heard back” or “it was months later and I got a canned form letter!”

A company brand is a promise made to customers about quality, cost and delivery. Companies with great brands consistently Read more