Keep Your Keepers! A Winning Talent Strategy for 2017 – Part 2

Advance Your Organization’s Success in 2017 – Implement EQ10!

10 Top Talent Strategies that Leverage “Engagement Intelligence”


In part one of Keep Your Keepers we covered fundamentals of integrated talent management and engagement. In part two we present the 10 winning talent strategies for success in any organization.

Extensive research has demonstrated that when organizations invest in the following ten talent management strategies they leverage “Engagement Intelligence” to achieve their business goals and WIN! I call these talent strategies EQ,sup>10:

  1. Align mutual needs of employees and your organization. I have yet to find leaders who do not agree that talent relationships create performance success.
  2. Place the right employees in the right roles. That means not only measuring technical fit, but also the behavioral fit of new hires and internal candidates for promotion. In most cases, the suitability or behavioral side of fit is 50% of the equation! When you increase the ability to measure behavioral fit through effective assessment, you increase the predictability of success. Harrison Assessments offers a highly accurate system to measure both sides of the equation.
  3. Build on strengths. Harrison Assessments’ Enjoyment Performance Theory demonstrates that when employees are passionate, they become engaged and skilled! Based on the research, “People who enjoy at least 75% of their work are four times more likely to succeed.”
  4. Set an expectation for engagement throughout the organization. When management understands their role in employee mentoring and coaching, and employees accept responsibility for their own motivational gaps, the sky is the limit on engagement!
  5. Set the expectation for excellence. While often overlooked this strategy raises the bar for everyone. It is a fact that if an expectation is not communicated, it is not likely to be achieved!
  6. Integrate career development with succession planning. This strategy is an essential part of comprehensive integrated talent management processes. When organizations connect career development with succession planning, they are more likely to engage and retain talent and ultimately succeed in their business objectives. Yet, studies have shown that organizations of all sizes have acknowledged a lack of integration in these fundamental processes.
  7. Create a flexible and encouraging culture. According to the HfS Power to the People Global Study of Employee Engagement, when leadership seeks to control without providing employees with a sense of autonomy, engagement lags.
  8. Implement ongoing performance management through frequent and informal feedback. There is extensive research supporting this fundamental approach, yet leaders often fail to provide meaningful feedback to employees.
  9. Integrate talent management aligned with business objectives. Strategy 9 reiterates our initial premise in Part I of Keep Your Keepers and reaps huge bottom line results.
  10. Invest in your leaders. Finally, strategy 10 of our Engagement Intelligence approach to talent emphasizes the fact that leaders are the top influencers of engagement and retention. According to a study by Gallup, “Poor leadership creates active disengagement costing the US an estimated $450 – 550 billion annually.” When you consider the bottom line impact of poor leadership, it is a compelling argument to start investing in your future leaders today!

“Keeping your keepers” is vital to organizational success. These 10 Engagement Intelligence talent strategies are proven to impact organizational success; with a foundation of integrated talent management and effective engagement techniques, you can dramatically impact achievement of your strategic business objectives. Implement EQ10 in 2017 and advance your organization’s success!

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