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The challenges recruiters face in sourcing and hiring the best talent is daunting, to say the least.  Sometimes they feel like a cloud of uncertainty hangs over their heads – uncertainty about the availability of qualified talent, uncertainty about their ability to attract them in a competitive market, uncertainty about their future talent needs and the ability to hire right in the present to meet those needs.

The Rise of Recruitment AI

At the same time, especially with global markets and talent pools, there is the ever-changing parameters of sourcing and obtaining the data essential for effective hiring, despite the rise of social media.  A recent article in Human Resources Executive, Data in the Driver’s Seat, pointed out the value of accurate and predictive data to overcome this cloud of uncertainty:  “Deloitte Consulting has discovered that recruiting teams it identifies as ‘high maturity talent functions’ are much more likely to make use of AI and data analytics than their lower-performing counterparts.”

Data Analytics Value to Recruiters

On the other hand, many recruiters feel threatened by the prospect of AI assuming their roles!  Yet, what high performing recruiters are finding is that the opposite is actually the case.  For example, Sjoerd Gehring of Johnson & Johnson shared “…the rise of artificial intelligence has made it much easier to unlock data… to identify and reconnect with silver and bronze-medalist candidates who weren’t a good fit for the job to which they applied.”  In fact, with the cloud of uncertainty in many respects lifted by predictive analytics, recruiters can focus on top prospective candidates, improving the fit of hires as well as addressing strategic issues like increasing diversity.  In addition, with administrative time lowered, time-to-hire is improved and sourcing costs lowered.

Lift the Cloud of Uncertainty

For organizations faced with high volume hiring the benefits of talent acquisition AI are essential.  Often their cloud morphs into a storm of resumes and candidate communications that is unmanageable to the point of just hiring instinctively.  They may succeed in hiring the best of candidates interviewed but remain in the dark on whether great candidates have been overlooked in the flurry.  Now there is a no risk, high ROI AI solution that not only lifts the cloud of uncertainty but brings out the sun of improved sourcing, the predictability of fit with the job, as well as improved engagement and retention.  This is AI on steroids!  How is it accomplished?

Hire the Best Fast!

Harrison Assessments has developed a program for high volume hiring that uses the artificial intelligence of their sophisticated assessment system to filter in the best candidates, assessing them for eligibility and suitability in an efficient and effective way to predict performance success.  Their extensive validation research, customization of each position’s Job Success Analysis, and streamlined technology to handle high volume enable organizations to hire the best fast!

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Humanize Recruitment – AI with Feeling!

Beyond the typical AI recruitment data, however, Harrison Assessments provides a series of reports that “humanizes” recruitment processes so that everyone wins – candidates, company, and recruiters.  For instance, recognizing the importance of branding, each candidate receives a “Your Greatest Strengths” report.  Candidates are rewarded for applying and completing the assessment even if there is not a fit at this time.  Meanwhile, candidates who do fit the role rise to the top of the candidate eligibility and suitability scoring and quickly advance to the interview phase.

Recruiters and hiring managers access the one-of-a-kind “Interview Guide” with customized behavioral questions specific to the role and to the candidate!  This guide along with the “Engagement & Retention Analysis arms interviewers with the information they need to develop a relationship with each candidate.  Knowing what is important to each candidate, interviewers can artfully address questions and communicate to ensure that the candidate feels valued.  At the same time, the employer gains insight into their values and expectations.  The entire interview process is transformed from routine or confrontational, perhaps overly loose or overly structured, to personalized for discovering the best fit for candidate and employer.  To complete the hire, Harrison has a report, “How to Attract” the candidate, to ensure the offer meets top candidates’ expectations and brings them to acceptance before the competition.  That is the power of artificial intelligence with feeling!

A Transformational Solution

These reports are generated from completion of a 20-minute SmartQuestionarie that is non-threatening to candidates, yet effectively gathers 175 suitability factors reflecting their work place preferences and matches against the customized and comprehensive Job Success Analysis predictive of fit with the job, culture, and boss.  Harrison Assessments’ system is a transformational solution that is truly amazing!

The No Risk High ROI Package

Harrison Assessments has developed a special package called Unlimited Monthly Screening for organizations whose recruiters are overwhelmed by the recruitment cloud of uncertainty and a storm of resumes.  Efficient, cost-effective, and predictive, it is a no risk solution with an incredible ROI.  Unlimited Monthly Screening has a value proposition that organizations with high volume recruiting cannot afford to miss.

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