You are not a Style, YOU are Unique!

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Who does not enjoy taking behavioral personality assessments to better understand themselves? We are infinitely interested in who we are, how we interact with others and just what makes us tick! The problem is, most assessments measure a very narrow set of traits. Many common psychological and behavioral assessments look primarily at personality traits. For instance, Myers Briggs and DISC are widely used to measure personality styles. Imagine of the 6+ billion people in the world, you are one of 16 Myers Briggs styles! So what exactly does that make you — 1 in 375,000,000? No, YOU are unique! To appreciate just how unique you are, view this powerful video and be encouraged: You are Unique


Traditional Assessment Tools

Organizations use a wide range of behavioral assessments to facilitate selection, individual and team development, succession and career planning. Assessments are often used to categorize talent into various roles and teams, which can be useful to gain insight into how best to work together and optimize performance. In the process, style indicators often overlook qualities and attributes that reveal how each contributor and leader is uniquely qualified to add value to the organization. For example, what engages Susie may be very different from Sam, or Harriot. So what can organizations do to more effectively measure and engage the unique set of traits each employee brings to the organization while still placing them in the right role with the right boss?

A More Comprehensive Assessment Approach

Harrison Assessments provides the answer to this complex mission in a comprehensive behavioral assessment and talent analytics system that measures 175 workplace preferences, traits and competencies including personality traits, interests, values, work environment preferences, interpersonal and fit with supervisor. In addition, Harrison’s behavioral Paradox system measures imbalances in various trait combinations revealing stress behaviors and potential performance derailers. Harrison’s SmartQuestionnaire compares extensive data from a 30-minute behavioral preferences online survey to reveal your UNIQUE behavioral profile. Indeed, Harrison Assessments reports reflect your unique behavioral profile. In fact, no two profiles are the same!

Predict Job, Boss & Cultural Fit

The precise, valid and reliable insights from your Harrison Assessments’ report facilitates decisions related to your:

  • career fit and potential,
  • work preferences,
  • expectations and motivators,
  • best fit for function and position,
  • organizational fit with boss, teams, and culture.

In addition, Harrison identifies areas of improvement for development and advancement. A Mutual Talent Relationship for Engagement & Retention From the organization’s perspective, Harrison Assessments provides an entire talent system with various easy-to- read reports that apply across the talent cycle for talent readiness. The best part of Harrison Assessments is that it taps into the talent relationship between employee and employer to meet both their needs! You remain the unique person you are – one of a kind! And as employer, you tap into the unique qualities, traits, expectations, and potential that each employee offers to effectively engage and retain them. Harrison Assessments is far more than an assessment tool or style indicator, it is an entire behavioral assessment center in a class of its own that enables organizations and employees to achieve their mutual goals – what a unique concept!

Dawson Consulting Group is a Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner for Texas and Arizona.

Harrison Assessments Certification With Sheryl Dawson, Solutions Partner &
Certified Whole Life Profile Consultant/Trainer