The Best Kept Secret in Talent Management!


Harrison Assessments

Is improving engagement and retention a top priority in your organization? An analytics system that facilitates better hiring and promotion decisions at every level and enables leaders to more effectively onboard, coach and mentor their employees can dramatically impact your results. At the same time, preparing your talent to advance requires effective behavioral assessment. The best kept secret in talent management is that now one system can meet each of these crucial needs!

Harrison Assessments is an award-winning behavioral analytics talent system that applies across the talent cycle including selection, development, succession and career planning. In a class of its own in the behavioral assessment industry, Harrison Assessments assesses 175 traits and competencies and offers over 6500 position success templates from “C” levels to entry positions, that can be customized. Harrison’s powerful Paradox Technology™ reveals stress behaviors and strategies for improving performance and relationships. In addition, Harrison Assessments offers:

  • Position benchmarking
  • Custom competencies
  • Custom cultural templates
  • Team development reports
  • Engagement & Retention Analysis
  • EQ competency reports
  • Leadership competency reports
  • Career reports for onboarding & career pathing
  • Automated Succession & Career Development System
  • Automated Recruitment campaigns

Harrison Assessments is now more effective than ever with new capabilities in the area of high priority to almost all organizations – integrated talent management. Harrison Assessments is ideal for the full cycle of talent management: recruiting, onboarding, mentoring/ coaching, leadership development, team development and succession/career planning. If your organization is tired of ineffective assessments that measure few traits and competencies, offer limited practical value for sound hiring and development decisions, and cost more than they deliver, try the best kept secret in talent management – Harrison Assessments – and achieve the results you seek for improved hiring decisions, increased engagement and retention, and improved business results. Click here for information on Harrison Assessments Certification!