Tamara Erickson, Organizational Consultant and Author of What’s Next Gen X?

TErickson_picTamara Erickson, organizational consultant and author of What’s Next, Gen X?: Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, and Getting the Career You Want, says members of Generation X—the 30-to-44 age cohort—have drawn the short stick at work. The economy has been stacked against them from the beginning. She lays out a powerful framework for shaping a satisfying, meaningful career, revealing how GenXers can:

  • Use their unique capabilities to become effective leaders
  • Identify work that matches their passion
  • Succeed in a corporate career or independently
  • Spot and seize newly emerging professional opportunities.

Tammy helps you decide what you want and shows how to get it.

    For more from Tamara Erickson, listen to the entire show or visit www.tammyerickson.com.

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