Insights on Building Your Career Momentum

Interview with Dan Oglesby, SR VP Human Resources, Spectrum Health

Job Search: The Total System is your proven, step-by-step resource for achieving a better job, for better pay, and a better life. For years our clients have used our tools and techniques, and they have gone on to accomplish bigger and better things in their careers and in their lives. One of our foremost success stories, Dan Oglesby, now Senior Vice President of Human Resources with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids Michigan, discussed how Job Search: The Total System helped him leverage his career transitions throughout the last 10 years. His remarkable career in human resources and experience helping Spectrum Health become one of the foremost health care systems in the country, position him as a leader in talent management and human capital performance.

Mr. Oglesby shared some of his insights into what makes Total Career Success such a valuable resource to individuals who are in job searches or those seeking to advance their careers. After graduating from Western Michigan University with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Mr. Oglesby began his career in human resources in the public sector. After a few years, he transitioned into the private sphere, where he worked in various industries. It was during this time that he discovered techniques in Job Search: The Total System to define and achieve his career goals. Mr. Oglesby cited the concept of linkage in which the steps of job search are fully integrated, as the key to success. He stated that it is essential to prepare a top notch resume that establishes one’s value and to effectively market the skills and competencies presented in it. He spoke about the necessity of intelligently planning and organizing a job search. In searching for a job, it is important to assess your unique skills and to understand where you have been. Then you can begin to identify the right opportunities and positions. By challenging yourself and broadening your perspective, you will improve your skills and advance your career; if you never settle for less than “A+” work, you will never feel plateaued or stuck.

Dan Oglesby discussed his career at Spectrum Health, an organization that has become a leader in human resources and talent management under Mr. Oglesby’s leadership. For Mr. Oglesby, the approach and concepts in Job Search: The Total System have proven valuable time and again, and he has used them in job searches and when working with both employers and employees. He stated that what distinguishes The Total System is its emphasis on quantifying results, which enables the individual to effectively communicate his or her value to an employer so that it is fully appreciated. Leveraging your past accomplishments to position yourself for the next career move and for future development are tactics that have helped him achieve his success. Mr. Oglesby reinforced the importance of these powerful concepts as he discussed human resources at Spectrum Health. He emphasized Spectrum Health’s commitment to accountability and recognizing quality and results. Just as in a job search, Mr. Oglesby observed that accepting nothing less than optimum quality is vital for success, especially as the economy and job market continue to slow. The principles of The Total System and your own commitment to quality will give you the advantage and leverage over a growing pool of applicants for any given job. In a tough market, it is important to broaden your options and consider consulting or contract work. They provide opportunities for developing your skills.

While so many industries across the United States and world economies are feeling the effects of the recession, health care remains a growing field, and Dan Oglesby shared some of insights on breaking into the health care field if you are contemplating a career change. As you consider a possible change, a career assessment can help you define your skills, interests and preferences to select the best fit. Even if you have been working for years, career assessments can validate and reaffirm your interests and will be helpful as you consider what skills are needed in a new career field. In response to the economic crisis, especially in Mr. Oglesby’s home state of Michigan, many people are returning to school in order to prepare to make the transition into healthcare. There is a wide range of positions needed in the industry, which include nursing, engineering, and pharmacy. As clinical research and technology continue to grow and expand, new positions are added to accommodate them and provide support, which provides an ever expanding range of health care careers outside of traditional doctor and nurse roles.

Mr. Oglesby shared additional insights into the health care system today and how Spectrum is involved in addressing some of the issues and challenges in the field. As health care costs have risen and national resources have become unable to sustain the costs, Spectrum has taken the initiative to build resources and programs to encourage prevention, raise awareness, and match patient needs with resources and facilities. In addition, Spectrum’s over 2,000 volunteers have contributed the equivalent of nearly $23 million in hours by donating their time and energy to various programs and initiatives. Spectrum has won many awards for its achievements and Mr. Oglesby attributed their success to a commitment to excellence that emphasizes optimum quality at the lowest cost.

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