Performance Improvement – Save 10% of Revenue!

Are you, your Board and shareholders satisfied with your organization’s performance? Would you like to save 10% of revenues through performance improvement? Performance Improvement Consulting is a proven process that identifies hidden performance gaps and implements the changes required to enable your organization to improve the bottom line in an economic slowdown. Following are examples of companies that have benefited from Performance Improvement Consulting:

  • Turned around a service company in two years from going out of business to profitability and significantly increased profit margin in the 3rd and 4th years.
  • Saved 5% of revenues of a medical practice in 12 months which led to a successful merger in the second year.
  • As result of performance improvement, an engineering firm qualified for a major contract representing an 8% increase in revenues.
  • Established an aggressive Performance Improvement program in a unionized manufacturing firm which avoided layoffs in a down market.


This actual example of a company with $875,000 in losses demonstrates how the Performance Improvement Analysis identifies and quantifies the root causes of performance gaps. When the Performance Improvement recommendations were implemented, 80% of the company’s performance losses were eliminated.

With Performance Improvement Consulting you not only avoid layoffs and losses, but improve your long term potential! This strategy is a win/win for the short and long range, and is best for all your constituents — shareholders, board, strategic partners, management, employees and vendors. Rather than waiting for a turnaround or scrambling for short term fixes, implement Performance Improvement Consulting and gain improved retention, improved performance across your organization and improved competitive positioning short and long term.

What are the steps involved?

Performance Improvement Consulting scientifically finds the gaps that most impact individuals, work teams, divisions and the entire company’s work flow. Through systematic changes, rework, redo & waste are eliminated. The first step is a cost effective assessment of your Process, People and Technology to identify performance gaps. Subsequent steps are custom designed based on the size of the company, industry and targeted group / division within the company. Recommendations from the Assessment Step alone typically result in performance improvement savings that more than compensate for fees associated with the initial Assessment. A fully implemented program typically achieves performance improvement savings equal to 10% of revenues within 18 months.

Why does it work?

Essentially, through this focused analysis, the root causes of poor performance are uncovered. Each step into the operational analysis leads closer to the root cause as the actual example in Exhibit A demonstrates.

How can you get started?

Call Dawson Consulting Group, Inc. today to learn more about this proven process for improving performance and gaining 10% of revenues within 18 months.

By Sheryl Dawson, President & COO
Dawson Consulting Group

The value of your business increases with the effectiveness of its most important resources.

When it comes to business success, few organizations’ assets have a greater impact than its human resources. That’s why specialized Organizational and HR expertise can add value to your company, enhancing your competitive position — as well as your bottom line.

Could your organization benefit from professional Organizational and HR assistance?

Try this short survey:

  • Your business plan involves major change initiatives.
  • Operational performance isn’t meeting or exceeding targets.
  • Turnover is creating problems.
  • Succession planning is a concern.
  • Your Benefits plan structure is not optimized to minimize the impact of rising benefit costs.
  • Operating costs are too high.

If you checked any of the above situations, you can count on Dawson Consulting Group for responsive, personalized help to achieve the results you want.

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