Use the Holiday Season to Your Advantage

Well, maybe you don’t really want to eat fruitcake, but with the holidays coming upon us, it’s essential that you don’t fall for the "conventional wisdom" that it is fruitless to conduct a job search during the period between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Like much "conventional wisdom," this belief is badly flawed. While other, less savvy job seekers are missing out during this period, you’re going to be using an approach that lets you have your cake (fruit or otherwise) and eat it too. Here’s how to beat your competition:

  • After the holiday weekend, start intensive work to fill your job search pipeline. This requires effective targeting, networking, cold calling, and telemarketing. If you haven’t started doing those things, it’s not too late to start. Set goals, and fill your pipeline to success!
  • Take advantage of the resources at the Dawson Consulting Group facility. Routine attendance helps focus you to conduct an effective job search. The professional environment helps build a positive and professional attitude and motivates you.
  • This up-front work will result in multiple interviews. Practice, practice, practice your interviewing skills between now and then so that your interview performance is flawless and results in positive points scored with every response.
  • As offers come to the table you can compare, contrast, and analyze them. Don’t forget to use the forms in your Total System Organizer to support your analysis of total compensation.
  • Use your negotiating skills and job search leverage to improve the offer. Negotiate an excellent total compensation package with a January 2 starting date for the organization with which you want to work.
  • Now, celebreate a relaxed, enjoyable holiday season with family and friends! You’ll have the peace of mind associated with having your better job for better pay, and you will be miles ahead of less savvy job searchers who will be struggling to get their campaigns off the ground again in January.

Sound good? You bet it does! Is it easy? No, but it’s a far superior strategy to procrastination. Working longer, harder, and smarter always pays rich dividends. Go for it — you can have your cake and eat it too!

Six Reasons One-Percenters Don’t Coast Through the Holidays

  • Building and maintaining job search momentum is highly important. Coasting results in serious loss of momentum, which requires far greater emotional and physical energy to restore when the New Year arrives.
  • A "holiday lull" in hiring is a myth. Companies need to be staffed to hit the ground running on January 2. Today’s fast-paced, competitive environment demands it.
  • With the unemployment rate at 4.5 percent, strong, qualified local candidates are scarce and companies are advertising nationwide. You’re already here and available — let employers know it!
  • People with whom you want to network are more likely to be in their offices as attendance at off-site business meeting and seminars tapers off at year end.
  • Hiring authorities at firms with a calendar fiscal year are anxious to fill open requisitions before the year ends. They want you on their payroll by then so they are fully staffed to budget and can focus on other business priorities in January.
  • Those who wait until January 2 to start their search in earnest with lose invaluable time which can never be recovered. Many excellent job opportunities will be taken by other job seekers while coasters lose out.

Use the Holiday Season to Your Advantage

A common misconception about the holiday season is that business ceases when the festivities begin. It’s true that the holidays are a social time, with parties, association functions, and travel at an all-year peak. However, smart job seekers can use these events to further their job hunt and position themselves to be off and running come January 2. Use the holiday spirit to your advantage by following these tips:

  • Attend holiday parties and join in the festivities. You can make excellent contacts which may otherwise take weeks to uncover.
  • Be open about your job search and share information not only about what you’re seeking, but exchange information you have gained which can benefit others.
  • Use your Christmas cards to update your friends, associates, and family on your current status. A note on a card can be an upbeat way to get the word out.
  • If you’re traveling, plan ahead, notify potential employers to let them know you’ll be in town and would like to drop by.
  • Don’t hesitate to call potential employers during the holiday season. With many companies in the midst of budget planning, managers may have tips on positions opening after the first of the year.
  • Use the holidays to organize your job search.

It’s amazing how much luckier we are when we work longer, smarter, and harder!

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