Don’t wait for offers to happen–make them happen!

Now’s the time to conduct a review of your search and make any adjustments needed to increase effectiveness. Here’s a list of areas to consider. Use it to develop an action plan to move your search forward.

Company Contacts: How many have you made? Where are they located? What industries are included? You should add 50 contacts per week to your network and target company list. If your contacts have been limited, now is the time to aggressively expand your network.

References & Letters: A+ references and letters are an integral part of a successful job search. Review your letters carefully to ensure perfection. Never "rest on your laurels" but seek continual improvement.

Strategy: What is your target? Does it need to be broadened? What are your networking goals? Do they need to be increased? How much time and effort are you putting into the process? Is it 80% networking and 20% other? If not, why not? Are you also exploring consulting and contracting opportunities?

Follow-Up: How frequently have you contacted your target companies? Now is a great time to reconnect and expand your network with new referrals. Did you call them several weeks ago with no results? Call them again today. Things change rapidly in today’s environment. Don’t wait for a call you can make!

Target Company Lists: How many companies have you targeted? Did you stop after coming up with your initial list? Take advantage of the library databases to create new targeted company lists. One of the most common mistakes searchers make is limiting their target company list to firms in the same industry in which they’ve worked or to firms that they think would have an open job. Wrong! Don’t talk yourself out of including an organization until you’ve explored it thoroughly.

Family Issues: Are your spouse, children, and significant others okay? Is there anything that we can do to assist you in this area? Job Search is a family affair so don’t ignore home issues until they reach the danger point.

Financial Plan/Budget: What is your time line for placement? Do you have a contingency plan? Work out a strategy that will achieve placement before you find yourself in financial trouble.

Interviews: Are there companies with which you’ve interviewed, but have not heard? Or have you had interviews but were notified that you were not selected? In the first case, call the hiring authority to see where they are in the decision making process. In the second case, all to see if anything else has developed. Maybe the person selected isn’t working out or perhaps they have new openings available, or can give referrals.

Offers: Do you have offers outstanding that require counteroffers? Are there potential offers for which some skillful work on your part will bring them to the table? Use Total System strategies to develop these offers. Don’t wait for offers to happen–make them happen!

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