A Case Study

Benefits of Executive Coaching

This case is exemplary of the common process and results in many executive coaching situations. The results typically include:

  • Retention of the professional and institutional knowledge and skills
  • Elimination or containment of unproductive behavior
  • Increased results in key performances areas
  • Avoidance of lost performance, opportunity and replacement costs.

Executive coaching is a powerful tool for change when the organization positions coaching effectively, the executive to be coached desires change and is also capable of making necessary changes. Executive coaching is designed to address many performance related scenarios including organizational or strategic issues, personal development, or leadership effectiveness. Key to successful change is an effective process, a focus on results, and accountability. The return on investment can be substantial and far exceed expectations or return on other development alternatives. Following is a typical performance improvement executive coaching case as an example of a remarkable turn around.


Recently, a national law firm asked us to work with one of its shareholders, who I will call Jim. The firm wanted to retain Jim, but could not continue to tolerate his behavioral problems, which were affecting productivity in the organization.


After speaking with the Managing Partner, we suggested he meet with Jim, lay out his concerns and tell him that they wanted him to meet with an executive coach. In this case Jim was very receptive and wanted to do what was right for himself and the firm. It is not unusual for executives to experience frustration with the same issues that the organization does, although they may not understand how or why they are creating problems.

Very quickly, Jim and the executive coach established a trust relationship that allowed them to deal with a variety of issues, conduct an assessment and establish a plan for behavioral, performance and personal goals. Building on Jim’s strengths, the plan provided new insights and tools he needed to meet the demands of his job and family while also establishing accountability. He developed a healthy support system and created strong relationships with his team and associates. The coach and executive worked together for eight months to reinforce new behaviors.

The Managing Director recently told us that the problem was solved and that he would take action sooner to address a situation of this nature in the future. Jim says he is much happier, more productive and that his relationships at work and at home have improved significantly. He also reports that his revenue generation increased significantly after the coaching.

Dawson Consulting Group’s’ team of Synergistic Executive Coaching professionals collaborate on a wide range of similar coaching opportunities that enable our clients to achieve organizational synergy. During periods of change involving leadership, career development, succession planning, and strategic shifts, organizations can reap significant rewards from executive coaching. In particular, coaching that facilitates running the rapids of performance challenges while addressing the needs of both the executive and the organization leads to increased synergy. For organizations in transition, the Dawson Consulting Group Synergistic Coaching approach produces benefits in which the sum is significantly greater than the parts — a proven equation for increased bottom line results.

By Sheryl Dawson, CEO
Dawson Consulting Group

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