Talent Transition


A 25-Year Record of Success

Article: Outplacement Is an Investment in Recruiting & Retention!

Organizations of all sizes have faithfully relied on Dawson Consulting Group for over 25 years to provide personalized and comprehensive transition services for transitioning employees at all levels, functions, and industries. The focus of their transition process is highly targeted coaching to initiate and maintain an intensive job search effort, as well as develop life long career resilience capabilities. Their reputation is founded on their integrity, quality of delivery, custom solutions, client and candidate responsiveness and commitment to successful transitions for both organization and employees.

An assigned professional career coach works with the individual candidate throughout their transition process.  Rather than support from the “consultant of the day”, each participant has a personal coach who is dedicated to their career goals.  Customized to the needs of each individual candidate, Dawson Consulting services represent the finest outplacement services available for all levels of employees.  Its superior process is based on best practices, state-of-the-art technologies and high quality resources developed by experienced and certified career coaches. In addition to traditional employment options, comprehensive support is provided for individuals who desire to go into business, contract or consulting opportunities.


Each transition program provides comprehensive career assessment, job-search training, preparation, and application that effectively positions individuals to maximize opportunities throughout their job search campaign. Participants learn the most up-to-date strategies, techniques, and practices to build and implement an effective campaign that will sustain them throughout their search for their next best career opportunity.

Participants also benefit from outstanding job search and career management learning and technology resources. Dawson Consulting Group has comprehensive and best-in-class career management technology, databases and resources in the career transition industry.


Dawson Consulting Group provides best practices on-site termination assistance including manager preparation discussions and initial meetings with the employee as an effective first step to a smooth separation.

Dawson Consulting Group ensures cost effective, high quality outplacement that provides support to valued departing employees, resulting in successful placements more quickly. Corporate clients receive monthly reports on the progress of their transitioning employees. Programs are provided for various lengths and required resources depending on the organizations’ and transitioning employees’ needs and budget.

Enhance Marketability

  • Accelerates job seekers development of a high quality resume, and effective networking, and interviewing skills.
  • Equips job seekers with proven negotiation techniques to achieve their career goals and place more quickly in the right opportunity for their situation and goals.


Following manager training for the employee announcement, initial onsite announcement and participant orientation, the focus of the career management program is to coach individuals to initiate and maintain an intensive job search effort as well as develop life long career resilience capabilities. Each participant is assigned a personal career management coach who provides training, guidance, encouragement, and support while participants successfully transition to new career opportunities.

Individual Consulting

Guidance to determine career direction, evaluate career/retirement alternatives and establish goals. Personal “fit” within various career environments is evaluated and participants are encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve their career and job goals.

Career Assessment

  • Work experience and accomplishments.
  • Style, skills, and values.
  • Realistic career options and career goals.
  • Assessment instruments.

Campaign Strategies

Based on the proven, best-in-class learning resources, coaching support includes:

  • Career transition process.
  • Job search campaign management.
  • Targeted resume.
  • Job search correspondence.
  • Selection and utilization of references.
  • Marketing campaign strategy and action plan.
  • Networking strategies.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Job offer evaluation and salary negotiation.
  • Effective career management.

Entrepreneurial, Contract and Consulting Options

Support for assessing the decision to start a business including capabilities, personality fit and financial considerations.

  • Business ideas/consulting offerings.
  • Feasibility analysis and business plan.
  • Marketing and business planning for consulting.

Research, Technology, Resources

Workshops by in-house Resource Coach provide job-sourcing assistance, Internet research, and data mining.

  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Career / business intelligence databases.
  • Job search / entrepreneurial resources.
  • Postings of current job opportunities.

E-Learning For Skill Development

Access to E-Learning classes in a wide variety of business, desktop and IT skills such as: Fast-Tracking Your Career, Advanced Business Finance, Project Time Management.

Administrative Services & Office Space

Office and administrative services with word processing.

  • Resumes
  • Photocopying services.
  • Workstation, telephone, Computer, Internet connection, and printer.

Commitment To Company

Dawson Consulting Group supports the organization client by ensuring best practices and personalized support. Regular updates are provided to the sponsoring organization on participant progress and placement while maintaining the confidentiality of each participant. The result is to ensure a positive image of the organization’s commitment to employees in transition, resulting in improved retention and recruiting for the future.

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