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Job Search: The Total System Executive References

“I have urged my two sons, now 41 and 49, to apply what is in the book Job Search: The Total System, 4th edition to their careers, and resoundingly encourage everyone to get this book today! Job search and improving career is not for the faint of heart! While today’s job market has changed in many ways from over twenty years ago when I experienced a layoff with a major international company, the impact of job loss is as traumatic as ever. Fortunately, my employer at the time provided outplacement with the Dawsons’ firm and to this day I recall vividly their invaluable advice for building my confidence and competence to transition successfully. Their sound techniques are available in the step-by-step, power-packed book, Job Search: The Total System. Just as I was able to transform my challenging circumstances into a better job, for better pay, and enjoy what has been an amazing career, you can also catapult ahead of your competition and achieve a successful career and happy life. The Total System teaches you how to find a gem of a job; yet like an uncut diamond, it requires a lot of work to realize its value. Regardless of the circumstances of your transition, apply The Total System by working harder than you may ever have worked before! Discover yourself, what you want and how to get it. I wish I had this valuable resource when I graduated in 1963, rather than many years later! Having retired and as I reflected on my career, I felt compelled to reach out to the Dawsons after all these years, to thank them once again for the transformational difference their advice made in my career and life. Job Search: The Total System confirms and adds to what I have learned working for 17 companies in 12 countries.”

— Dave Colvin
Retired International Consultant

“… maximize your earning potential …”

Job Search The Total System Executive Reference John Cape photo “The Total System™ is a whole lot like a diet program. You can chase the latest craze and lose a few pounds, or you can make the necessary life style changes that will ensure that you not only lose weight, but can maintain it. With The Total System™ approach, you not only learn insightful tips on how to locate, secure and maximize your earning potential in your next position, but you learn about those long term lifestyle habits like networking, understanding your own value, recognizing the fit of a potential position, and better understanding the importance of really creating value for organizations along the way.”

John Cape (Participant)
Manager and Principal Consultant
Cape Consulting Services


“… from being unemployed to be being sought after!”

testNinaDebelo100x150 “When looking for a job in such a rough economy, having a team of expert job searchers supporting me that could give me an edge proved to be priceless. After reading Job Search: The Total System and a couple coaching sessions I had an A+ résumé. I know it was an A+ résumé because one of my potential employers walked into the interview and said, “I am going to tell you about the job because after reading your résumé I already know you fit the role and you are already hired in my mind.” What an amazing transformation from being unemployed to be being sought after! Within the first 6 weeks of my search I was offered 1 contract position, 1 full time position plus interviewing for a 3rd position. The Total System is the real deal. In the past I have looked for someone to help me with my résumé preparation and never found much credible assistance. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) I am well aware of the scams on trusting consumers like promising a quality product and not delivering. The Total System delivers an amazing product and education that will serve me in my career forever. And it will serve anyone who applies these proven techniques!”

Nina Debelo, CFE
Vice President of Finance
Proximity Systems, Inc.

“… a practical and personal approach to career success.”

Job Search The Total System Executive Reference Dr. Paul Sanders photo “It’s my pleasure to share how I benefited from The Total System™. Its preparation for a successful transition provided me with great confidence. The assessment was a unique tool and the objectivity of this assessment was invaluable. The counseling assistance in preparation of my resume to highlight my strengths and emphasize my talents was of real value, as demonstrated by the fact that it led to interviews with several organizations. Ultimately, it led to a wonderful offer with a growing consulting firm that fits my entrepreneurial style. The Total System™ is a practical and personal approach to career success.””

Dr. Paul H. Sanders
Former AIA Vice President
Broaddus & Associates


“… proven strategy …”

Steve Nordlander photo “My name is Steve Nordlander. After 25 years with a major organization and at the age of 50, I faced a transition as a highly compensated corporate officer. I initially believed that both salary history and age would hinder my marketability but soon discovered nothing could be further from the truth. Using The Total System™ proven strategy of Linkage, I learned how to combine an A+ Resume, references, work experience, networking, and interview techniques to then ask for the job. The result was three offers, two in the same week. Best of all, The Total System™ claim had become a reality: A Better Job for Better Pay. I accepted a COO position with a Fortune 150 company. Job Search: The Total System™ is on my library shelf and I will often refer to it as a great reference for family and friends — it is a classic!”

Steve Nordlander
Financial Broker/Contractor
Houston, TX


“… a detailed road map for a successful job search.”

Dick Jones “Hello. My name is Dick Jones.  I was an executive in the international energy business until I retired and found myself seeking a new job after a 27 – year career with one company.  When I didn’t know what to do after my morning coffee, I decided I needed some structure and a game plan! The Total System™ provided just that — I went from feeling lost to having a detailed road map for a successful job search.  The structured step-by-step path outlined in The Total System™ leaves very little to chance. It also prevents a “seat-of-the-pants” approach that risks losing opportunities or accepting offers without proper due diligence.  The professional development of my resume was integral to the plan, building on my strengths without embellishment.  In networking and interviewing I knew what to say and, just as important, what not to say.  I gained confidence in marketing myself and felt in control of my destiny.  Since then I have made a couple of transitions and now work with a contractor to a major energy company doing work I truly enjoy.  “Early retirement” couldn’t be better The Total System™ way!”

Dick Jones
Consultant & Former Vice President
Houston, TX


“… greatly assisted winning … and negotiating …”

Richard Ward photo “When I made a transition from a Senior VP position with an energy company, the help I received in preparation of a resume, interviewing skills and networking techniques using The Total System™ were just what I needed. The course materials were very informative and the consultants very professional in helping me hone my job seeking skills. I am now a Senior Vice President and Chief Project Officer with a new company. The lessons I learned greatly assisted in winning my new position and negotiating my employment agreement.”

Richard H. Ward. P.E.
Former Sr Vice President & Chief Project Officer
Aerobus International, Inc.


“… a career expert you can trust …”

Mike Oakes photo “As a senior level banking executive I found myself in transition due to industry consolidation. The Total System™ not only provided foundational self marketing principles and structure for my search, but the personalized coaching was customized to my unique needs and strategies. Having access to professionals who deal with the job and career market day in and day out provided insight and knowledge that significantly enhanced my ability to transition. A personalized coach accelerates the transition process, minimizes the potential for errors or oversights, and builds one’s confidence to pursue opportunities that may otherwise be lost. Having an expert in any field of endeavor partner with you raises one’s potential for success to the next level — in this case, a better job for better pay! When you need a loan, you go to a banker you trust. When you need a better job, you go to a career expert you can trust — The Total System™.”

Michal N. Oakes
Former Vice President
Trustmark Bank


“… you too will attain your … goals.”

Gordon Strobeck “This is Gordon Strobeck. As an executive with international experience, I was able to effectively take the necessary steps to gain not just employment but a real career-building job opportunity in my field of expertise through The Total System™. It may be simple to get a job especially when the job market is hot, but getting the right opportunity with the right organization to optimize your career potential is not so simple! What is empowering about The Total System™ is that it provides a plan of action that when applied works for everyone. How do I know? I had a challenging transition in a challenging market and it worked for me! Whatever your career situation, my advice is to apply the proven techniques of The Total System™ and you too will attain your career and transition goals.”

Gordon Strobeck
Triune Energy

“… the right mental attitude …”

“I had the opportunity to utilize the Total Career Success system a few years ago. One of the most beneficial aspects for me was gaining the right mental outlook. My confidence to achieve the best career move for me was greatly enhanced which ultimately led me to a position that I would not have envisioned alone. My skills were honed and I’ve been very successful since this experience.”

George M. Jones
Former CEO
Los Angeles, CA


“… doubled my total compensation …”

“I am convinced that without The Total System™ I would not have achieved my present status nor doubled my total compensation package.”

Mike Green (Participant)
Former Vice President
MD Anderson

“… customized program …”

“There are several key differences that make Total Career Success stand head and shoulders above other career transition firms. The positive attitude that permeates the coaching process is infectious: The “one size fits all” mentality of the nationals has no place at Total Career Success. Virtually every program is customized to match the needs and skills of each individual. The personal attention that I received made it feel like a second family — one that was pushing me on to bigger and better things. I clearly understand why Total Career Success is so successful — clients get results, and get them fast.”

D. Thomas Oakley (Participant)
Former Vice President, Finance and Administration
Covance Laboratories, Inc

“… superior quality of support …”

“I want to let you know that there is a difference in transition firms and the services they provide. Total Career Success provides a superior quality of support and assistance. Candidates demonstrate and express a much greater amount of appreciation for the support and guidance they receive. Total Career Success takes more interest in each candidate.”

Mike Tarkington (Participant)
Former Vice President, Materials Purchasing
Weatherford International


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