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Assessing people for jobs is the most important task of any organization. The quality of assessment ultimately determines the performance of new hires as well as the ability of the organization to effectively develop employees. It affects every important aspect of the organization’s success including management effectiveness, sales volume, customer retention and productivity. Assessment is not merely one of the functions of HR, but is the essential foundation of effective talent acquisition and talent management. There are several key factors that enable a behavioral assessment to effectively predict performance. These include:

  • The ability of the assessment to measure at least 100 traits
  • A questionnaire that is work focused
  • The ability to detect false answers and to pierce self-deception
  • Performance research is used to create job success formulas for specific jobs
  • Reports that are job specific, numerically quantified and easy to understand
  • The ability to weight and integrate eligibility score and job behavior assessment scores with interview scores

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