FAC is very excited to offer the unique assessment and workshop, Whole Life Profile (WLP) to the Flagstaff community. FAC’s philosophy has always been to be a comprehensive wellness resource. Having completed many assessments over my career, I was struck by the amount, accuracy and quality of information provided. Since I help people daily with behavioral change, I was surprised to find new insights in my own profile! The versatility of the Paradox concept measures one’s balance across life dimensions; in an impactful way it clarified my strengths and provided new insight into opportunities to develop. The WLP is particularly helpful in revealing interrelationships among life spheres to identify one’s personal gaps and facilitate sustained change. Without judgement it allows individuals, as well as couples, to prioritize development and set wellness goals to achieve a pattern of life-long change. Take my word for it, you will be impressed!

Experiencing the Whole Life Profile definitely rocked my boat! Reviewing my Paradox balances and imbalances in the various life spheres, as well as areas of improvement in the Physical sphere, helped me take specific steps to address my health and fitness concerns. It is a little like dipping one oar in the water at a time to make directional adjustments while rushing full speed down the river in the current of daily demands! Nevertheless, I feel a greater sense of deliberate control rather than just floating along with the same ol’ same ol’.

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The Whole Life Profile feedback session was an awesome experience reinforced by the WLP workshop. I didn’t anticipate that both opportunities would so clearly show what was going on in my life at that time, facilitating a breakthrough in my communication and motivation at work and personal life. Most of all I realized that my Paradox imbalances were blocking success in both my work and personal life, leading me to develop a plan that has improved my professional and personal satisfaction greatly. I am now constantly aware of my work/ life balance, with my communication style getting better and better.

Your facilitation of the WLP assessment and workshop was excellent, enabling me to apply the lessons to my client work as well as my own life. Your expertise and in-depth knowledge of Harrison Assessments’ Paradoxical concept and applications is helping me become a much better coach and trainer. I can’t thank you enough for the transformation in my life and coaching practice.

“The workshop significantly enhances the Whole Life Profile debrief experience through an exploration of Paradox imbalances and how they affect life; interacting with others helped me gain new insight into my own imbalances. The opportunity to safely explore one’s vulnerabilities and to learn listening skills through the dyad exercise is very powerful. With a better understanding of how imbalances impact one’s relationships and life, it is naturally easier and less stressful to begin a desired change process following the workshop. I heartily recommend the profile and workshop experiences, both for coaches seeking to enhance their capabilities, and individuals desiring a more balanced and fulfilling life.”

Having benefited from Sheryl’s outplacement program during a job transition many years ago, when I faced a new work transition more recently I did not hesitate to consult with Sheryl who encouraged me to re-assess my potential. Through the Whole Life Profile (WLP) assessment and workshop, I gained a deeper appreciation for my strengths and skillsets during a time when my management failed to recognize my value. With my renewed confidence and self-insight, I was able to move on to new opportunities that leveraged my strengths. I also recognized areas of imbalance that were undermining my ability to thrive in work and life. As I learned to appreciate my inner strengths more fully, I felt freed to continue growing, to help others, and to increase my organizational impact within my new role. Indeed the WLP experience has enabled me to flourish over the last three years in ways I could not have imagined! By contrast, had I listened to the naysayers regarding my career potential, I may have retired or taken a role that would have underutilized my talent and reduced my satisfaction. The WLP experience has been so valuable that I have recommended it to family and friends who faced career, life or relational challenges. I am very grateful for the transforming power of the Paradox concept on my career and life. Clearly, it takes courage to be introspective, to be open to change, and to embrace both strengths, as well as opportunities to develop. Take it from me, the rewards are well worth the investment and effort!

Having been associated with Sheryl Dawson for many years, when faced with career and work transitions we had the opportunity to experience the value of Harrison Assessments’ talent development and transition assessment. Its positive impact on our careers led us to also experience the Whole Life Profile & Workshop for personal and relationship development. The WLP individual feedback session coupled with the interactive workshop facilitated a deep appreciation for our unique strengths and improvement areas. As a follow-up experience, we shared our individual report results with each other revealing new insights into our relationship and a deeper understanding of ways to continue to support one another. The Paradoxes are fascinating and we enjoy revisiting our results for encouragement and an awareness refresher. As health coaches and marriage educators, we are confident both individuals and couples can greatly benefit from the transformational Whole Life Profile & Workshop. The WLP in-depth understanding of all 5 life dimensions and how they impact each other enables focused development with effective strategies to achieve balance and enhance personal and relational satisfaction.