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Whole Life Profile Registration

Developed by Harrison Assessments

Offered by Dawson Consulting Group,
A Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner &
Certified Whole Life Profile Consultant/Trainer

Are YOU Facing a…

  • Life or career transition?

  • Physical or health challenge?

  • Family transition or crisis?

Whatever your life stage, the
Whole Life Profile & Workshop
enables balance & happiness!

Flagstaff Athletic Club WLP Flier

“… The WLP is particularly helpful in revealing interrelationships among life spheres to identify one’s personal gaps and facilitate sustained change. Without judgement it allows individuals, as well as couples, to prioritize development and set wellness goals to achieve a pattern of life-long change. Take my word for it, you will be impressed!”

– Robb Faus, FAC Fitness & Sports Director

Step 1

Register for and complete the WLP Assessment:

Complete WLP with Debrief
(schedule with Sheryl Dawson, 281 451 4244)
Includes Comprehensive Report + 90-minute Debrief
Cost: $300/person
(Click theHarrison WLP image/link below)

Optional Step 2

Follow up Coaching:

One-Day Workshop Schedule

WLP One-Day Workshop:

Dates/Times: September 21, 2019, 9:00am – 4:00pm (lunch included)
Location: Flagstaff Athletic Club (East Multi-Purpose Room)
Cost: $300/person
(Includes 15% Promotional Discount)

One-Day Workshop Schedule

No workshops are currently scheduled. Contact Sheryl Dawson to set up a custom workshop.

Who May Attend

This one-day workshop is for professional coaches, individuals, and couples who would like  a deeper experience with the WLP after their initial assessment with a certified coach. The WLP must be completed in advance. Training is live and you must be present for the workshop as the format does not accommodate remote participation.

For additional information visit: Whole Life Profile

Harrison Assessments Whole Life Profile Workshop

Harrison Assessments has created a dynamic one-day Whole Life Profile (WLP) workshop. Sheryl Dawson, certified WLP facilitator, will lead the life enhancement program that helps individuals better understand their life imbalances and develop strategies for improvement and greater fulfillment. Below are references on this interactive and life-changing experience:

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Read The Summit Story: Planning, Preparation and Perseverance Pay Off

Experience the WLP

To participate in this training, a recent WLP report is needed.

  • Sheryl Dawson will provide the report and feedback session preferably in person, although remotely is possible.
  • Allow one hour to complete the survey and 90 minutes for the feedback session.

Whole Life Profile References

“The Whole Life Profile feedback session was an awesome experience reinforced by the WLP workshop….”

-- Merlyn Fance, Coach

“The workshop significantly enhances the Whole Life Profile debrief experience through an exploration of Paradox imbalances and how they affect life…”

-- Roberta Cohen, Coach

“…I am very grateful for the transforming power of the Paradox concept on my career and life… the rewards are well worth the investment and effort!”

-- Catherine Braun

As health coaches and marriage educators, we are confident both individuals and couples can greatly benefit from the transformational Whole Life Profile & Workshop.

-- Alan Black & Laura Celis Black

Fees & Registration

Fee for Whole Life Profile: Contact Sheryl Dawson

Fee for WLP Workshop: Contact Sheryl Dawson

To register for the workshop and take the WLP assessment, please contact: Sheryl Dawson, Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner 281-451-4244