Whole Life Profile Certification for Leadership, Career and Life Coaches

Developed by Harrison Assessments

Offered by Dawson Consulting Group,
A Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner &
Certified Whole Life Profile Consultant/Trainer

Whole Life Profile References

“The Whole Life Profile feedback session was an awesome experience reinforced by the WLP workshop….”

-- Merlyn Fance, Coach

“The workshop significantly enhances the Whole Life Profile debrief experience through an exploration of Paradox imbalances and how they affect life…”

-- Roberta Cohen, Coach

“…I am very grateful for the transforming power of the Paradox concept on my career and life… the rewards are well worth the investment and effort!”

-- Catherine Braun

As health coaches and marriage educators, we are confident both individuals and couples can greatly benefit from the transformational Whole Life Profile & Workshop.

-- Alan Black & Laura Celis Black

Harrison Assessments’ team has done extensive research to create a unique assessment; there is no other assessment on the market that identifies all five health spheres for personal development. The Whole Life Profile is an excellent assessment to achieve:

  • Work & Life Balance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Career Transition
  • Life Transition

The Complete WLP™ Report Includes:

  • Five Health Spheres
  • Traits & Definitions
  • Paradox Graphs
  • Paradox Narrative
  • Paradox in Focus – Strength
  • Paradox in Focus – Challenge

Overview of Whole Life Profile

The WLP consists of 5 spheres or areas of life and potential success.

  • Each sphere consists of 3 pairs of paradoxical life competencies.
  • When the paradoxical traits are balanced, success in that area is more likely.
  • Without balance, anyone of these traits can be destructive to one’s life.
  • The assessment facilitates identification of imbalances and strengths which enable one to develop a plan to bring into balance all areas of life for improved health, relationships, and enjoyment of life.
  • The workshop provides an opportunity to better understand one’s imbalances and how to bring them into balance. Coaches may be certified in the WLP during this workshop.

Benefits for Individuals:

  • Learn keys to psychological happiness – Achieve greater self-confidence and self-satisfaction.
  • Learn behaviors and attitudes for financial success and how your behaviors and attitudes compare.
  • Learn the key issues related to career success and how your inner strengths can catapult your career.
  • Learn how to succeed in a career you love and express your greatest talents in organizations.
  • Discover key factors that enable you to have fulfilling relationships and the ways in which you may be sabotaging yourself.
  • Discover how your physical health habits are affecting your happiness in all aspects of your life.
  • Learn how you can reach your full potential and personal life meaning.

This exceptional life assessment is valuable for your coaching tool box whether or not you are certified on Harrison Assessments performance system which assesses position, and organizational fit. If you are certified in Harrison Assessments performance assessment utilized across the talent cycle, the Whole Life Profile (WLP) is an entirely different survey and report. However, it is also based on unique and powerful Paradox concept. For additional information visit: Whole Life Profile.

Harrison Assessments Whole Life Profile Certification

Harrison Assessments has created a dynamic Whole Life Profile (WLP) one-day workshop and certification on the WLP, an excellent coaching tool. Sheryl Dawson, certified WLP facilitator, will lead the training program. Coach Certification in use of the Whole Life Profile shall be completed in a one-on-one follow-up process to the one-day workshop; for details contact Sheryl Dawson at 281-451-4244.

Register for the prerequisite Whole Life Profile Assessment.

Who May Participate in WLP Certification

The WLP Certification Program is for professional coaches who would like a deeper experience with the WLP after their initial assessment with a certified coach. The WLP must be completed in advance. For details on the certification process contact Sheryl Dawson at 281-451-4244.

Experience the WLP

To participate in this training, a recent WLP report is needed.

Fees & Registration

Fee for Whole Life Profile: Contact Sheryl Dawson

Fee for WLP Workshop & Coach Certification: Contact Sheryl Dawson

To register for the workshop and take the WLP assessment, please contact: Sheryl Dawson, Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner 281-451-4244 sdawson@dawsonconsultinggroup.com