Navigate Life’s Rapids with Balance: Whole Life Profile Achieves Lasting Change

Image: Grand Canyon Rafting August, 2019 – Photography by Sheryl Dawson

Have you ever felt like you were hanging on for dear life in an out-of-control raft on an unnavigable river? You are not alone! Jessica is a mother with young children and a working husband who is also a Reservist. She is degreed and having worked earlier in their marriage is now exploring how and when she can return to work while maintaining continuity in the home. Since her husband is super task-oriented, after many years it has been challenging to deepen their marriage relationship and engage him more directly with the children. Not unlike many couples, they are opposites in their approaches, so navigating the emotional and spiritual aspects of their relationship has been somewhat like a rafting adventure!

The Whole Life Profile (WLP) assessment and workshop are a powerful combination to enable anyone to take control of their challenging situations across the five dimensions or spheres of life–physical, financial/work, psychological, relational, and integral or spiritual. Regardless of age, stage in life/career, challenge or transition, experiencing the WLP brings clarity to your strengths, areas of imbalance, and motivations to support your change process to achieve greater success, happiness, and improved relationships.

Jessica shared, “Experiencing the Whole Life Profile definitely rocked my boat! Reviewing my Paradox balances and imbalances in the various life spheres, as well as areas of improvement in the Physical sphere, helped me take specific steps to address my health and fitness concerns. It is a little like dipping one oar in the water at a time to make directional adjustments while rushing full speed down the river in the current of daily demands! Nevertheless, I feel a greater sense of deliberate control rather than just floating along with the same ol’ same ol’.”

Jessica’s spouse is not open to experiencing the Whole Life Profile for himself, yet she does not let his reluctance to deter her focus. Jessica shared, “When I feel it is important to meeting my family needs or addressing something important to me, I do take action and voice my opinion. I have seen that when I do so rather than acquiescing, it not only is empowering to me but avoids enabling my husband to default to self-focused decisions.”

As a work-at-home Mom, Jessica campaigned in her neighborhood and was elected to the Homeowners’ Board; she is also engaged in a non-profit cause for which she has a passion. When Jessica got push back from her husband on taking on other activities, she did not allow his comments to discourage her. She maintains, “While these roles require time and effort, I view them as “internships” to improve my organizational, financial, and leadership skills; I figure they will increase my marketability when the time comes to assume a full-time role.”

Whole Life Profile Benefits

  • Learn keys to psychological happiness and greater self- confidence and self-satisfaction.
  • Learn behaviors and attitudes for increased financial success.
  • Leverage inner strengths to catapult your career success.
  • Discover factors for fulfilling relationships and how imbalances sabotage relationships.
  • Achieve balance for your full potential and personal life meaning.
  • Discover how your physical health habits affect happiness.

Paradox Technology ™

  • WLP™ harnesses the power of Paradox to provide a unique insight into one’s strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Paradox is the result of integrating two seemingly contradictory behaviors that both contribute to one’s success.
  • WLP™ is a guide for self-balancing and greater awareness of oneself and one’s relationships.

Jessica has learned to be more content with her primary role as “Mom” while challenging herself to be empowered to make necessary changes. She takes seriously the impact on their children’s development of the relationship with her husband and their balance of shared responsibilities. Jessica shared, “The Whole Life Profile has given me a new way of perceiving my strengths and validated the decision to embrace the need for change.”

Regardless of how slow progress may seem at times, she feels stronger as a mother, wife, and professional volunteer, always anticipating the next inevitable rapid with a greater sense of self-awareness and conscious choice of direction.

Paradox Example – One of 12 Paradoxes

In this sample, the person’s normal behavior In the large circle is partly in the Balanced Versatility area of Conscientiousness and partly Miserly; under stress their behavior may become Squandering. Learning to be more Flourishing supports a more balanced behavior and eliminates the potential for Squandering under stress.

If you feel like so much flotsam and jetsam in the river of life, now is the time to gain control and navigate with confidence your challenges or transitions. The Whole Life Profile (WLP) assessment and workshop are designed to help you leverage your strengths and gain powerful insight into your imbalances and motivators. The WLP helps you identify your unique personal change management profile that enables lasting change strategies and achieves greater career success, a more fulfilling purpose, and improved relationships.