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World-Class Knowledge Transfer

Imagine seeing your top talent naturally “replicating” themselves as a norm in your company!
Knowledge Head imageEvery time executives deliver a strategic plan, they are presenting a change in direction that will guide their organizations for the next 1-5 years. The ensuing transition will undoubtedly involve people changing roles, developing new skills and collaborating with new co-workers. Regardless of how much operational planning goes into the transition, the employees themselves will have to make sure everyone has the knowledge and skills they need to take on these new roles; they’ll need to transfer knowledge from those who know to those who need to know.
If you have ever been through such a transition and found that the “people part” did not go smoothly, our world-class knowledge transfer solution is the answer to:

  • reduce the time the organization spends in transition
  • retrain workers for greater productivity
  • decrease rework
  • increase employee engagement & retention
  • keep customers happy

Learn more about this internationally renown solution that ensures your organization’s technical and leadership talent is prepared for the future. Call 281-451-4244 Today!


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watch video image SHRM Continuing Education Credits are rewarded at both levels of certification training: 16 credits for Level I and 20 credits for Level II.

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Having known and worked with Dawson Consulting Group since its formative years, I can personally attest to their consistency and quality of service for over 25 years. Their amazing resilience in the dynamic talent management and organizational consulting field is attributed to their vision, innovation, and ability to provide custom solutions to their clients. Compassionate, giving, supportive, responsive and easy to work with, Dawson places commitment to the client relationship first. In a word, you can count on excellence with Dawson Consulting Group!

Director, Human Resources
Boys and Girls Country