Harrison Assessments Career Navigation System

Offered by Dawson Consulting Group,
A Certified Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner

Sheryl Dawson, Facilitator Sheryl Dawson
Certified Harrison Assessments
Consultant & Coach

Are YOU Facing a…

  • Career transition?

  • Pre-Retirement?

  • Post HS & College Educational Choices?

Whatever your life stage, the
predictive & comprehensive

Harrison Career Assessment
facilitates the best fit career decisions!

…To my surprise, the Career Assessment went far deeper exposing areas in which I naturally excelled, as well as ones I would have to develop for the career I desired. Beyond the report itself, the debrief with Sheryl Dawson revealed not only my expectations but also how to achieve them!
-–Sedona Stewart

Order and complete the Harrison Career Assessment

Complete Harrison Career Assessment

(schedule with Sheryl Dawson, 281 451 4244)
Includes Comprehensive Reports + Optional 90-minute Debrief
Cost: $75/person OR $25 off Assessment + Debrief
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Illustration of man selecting career information

Harrison Assessments Career Assessment


Illustration of man selecting career information

Harrison Assessments Career Assessment with 90-minute Debrief

$175.00 $150.00

Optional Step 2

For a deeper experience, register for One-on-one Debrief (90 minutes):

Who May Receive the Debrief

The Debrief of the Career Assessment provides a deeper experience with the Career Assessment with a certified coach. The Career Assessment must be completed in advance.

Enquiry: HA Career Assessment

Fees & Registration

Fee for Career Assessment: $75

Fee for HACA Debrief: $100

To register for and take the Career Assessment, please contact: Sheryl Dawson, Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner 281-451-4244 sdawson@dawsonconsultinggroup.com

The Harrison Assessments Career Navigation System truly is a great tool to identify the best career fit and determine the direction you should go to succeed. I highly recommend it as a personal growth tool and to determine the best educational concentration or degree program based on career fit.”

Sinai Tirado
New Graduate

“I heartily recommend Harrison Assessments Career Navigation System for all levels of educational institutions. The earlier students understand their best career fit, the sooner they can embark on an educational journey that will engage their minds and hearts for a successful academic and career future.”

Patricia Parish
Careers Education Consultant
Western Sydney University