It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Organizational change is often driven by the economy

Economic downturns, mergers, reorganizations, natural disasters, war, disruptive global and workforce trends, technological change, and industry upheavals impact organizations and their employees at the visceral level. (View Economic Drivers Video)

Wall-Street-Crash-2008Organizations like to focus on the positive when developing strategic plans based on the best business and economic scenarios, yet it is often the negative economic surprises that drive organizational change. After over 30 years in business, I recently developed a retrospective of the primary global, national and regional economic drivers covering over 50 decades. It is gripping to review the succession of economic downturns, mergers, reorganizations, natural disasters, war, disruptive global and workforce trends, technological change, and industry upheavals which impact organizations and their employees at the visceral level. (View Economic Drivers Video)
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7 Success Lessons from World Cup Winners: Achieve Your Cycle of Success

7-Lessons-from-World-Cup-Winners-7-2015_400pxThe ticker tape parade in NYC last Friday was a well-deserved home coming celebration for our USA Women’s World Cup Soccer champions. Their amazing win against defending champion Japan on July 5 was a climatic burst of electrifying fireworks for our national holiday weekend celebration. After waiting 16 years to bring the trophy home again, this team could not be denied. When Wombach stated pre-match, “We have to bring the fire,” she was prophetic. The most watched soccer match in US history, this blow-out statistic will go down in the sports annals: 26.7 million US viewers. And by the way, the men’s World Cup drew only 17.3 million US viewers in July, 2014. Advertisers and promoters take note — women athletes can draw a crowd! This spectacular win is great for the team, the sport, women’s athletics and for the nation. We love winners and this World Cup team defines for us all what a true winner is. This team and the individual players provide a model you can emulate for your own success. What are the SUCCESS lessons?
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Mitigating the Impact of Layoffs – Employees have Long Memories!

When faced with red ink on the bottom line, it is easy for managers to forget the impact of layoffs on transitioning and remaining employees! Management may hope remaining employees will just be grateful to still have a job! Yet, the lingering impact can come back to bite a company later when the economy rebounds and competition for talent returns.

Fortunately, there are strategies to implement employee reductions with an eye on the future. The most important one is to treat departing employees with respect and concern for their successful transition. Professional outplacement is vitally important to provide to all levels of employees, not only to avoid potential litigation, but to ensure a positive transition plan for the affected employee.

Just as important is demonstrating to remaining employees that the organization cares enough about all employees to implement layoffs with compassion. Keep in mind that a layoff of a fellow employee often feels like separation of a family member. An empty office next to an employee is a reminder that job security is not a given!

Memories are long, especially with the openness of social media and its impact on a company’s reputation and branding. When it comes time to hire again, candidates will recall how a company transitioned employees and will select organizations that demonstrate they value their employees in the good and bad times. Learn more about mitigating layoffs: The New Imperative of Talent Transition

Is Your Recruiting Website Designed For Your Staff or Applicants?

That may seem like an odd question, but consider what applicants say about their most unfavorate websites:

“I spent an hour filling out an online application before I knew if there is a fit for me!”

“I never heard back” or “it was months later and I got a canned form letter!”

A company brand is a promise made to customers about quality, cost and delivery. Companies with great brands consistently Read more